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Apple's AirPods are proven to be a big hit even if they are not perfect. One of the major drawbacks of iPhone's wireless headphones is the fact that they're wireless, and aren't compatible with anything lacking Bluetooth.

Twelve South, which has a reputation for making attractive, smart Apple peripherals, thinks it's solved the issue with AirFly, which is priced at US$ 40 (£40 in the UK and €45 in Europe). The dongle ensures that AirPods are now compatible with pretty much anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack. As everyone expect, given its name, the AirFly was made for in-flight entertainment.

While it's not the first company to offer a hardware solution (there are non-branded Bluetooth-broadcasting gadgets around Amazon and the rest), Twelve South's offering is sleeker: The AirFly is slimmer than your the AirPod charging case, but a little longer. It's charged through a micro-USB port, and connects to AirPods (or any other other wireless headphones or earbuds) to anything with a 3.5mm audio jack. The company adds that it'll last for about eight hours of audio playback - which is longer than Apple's wireless earbuds last anyhow.

The dongle, while still not the most elegant solution, ensures that favorite Bluetooth headphones can work with older tech lacking wireless connectivity and, beyond the tiny screens found on planes, local gym's treadmill and other cardio machines are also a smart option for an AirFly upgrade, allowing the user to tap into those rows of muted TVs without a wire tugging at them during your work-out. The device is lightweight enough to hang from the tensile strength of the headphone cable without much fear over it breaking.

The portable console lacks support for Bluetooth audio. While there are workarounds if the user is using the dock, playing it standalone has meant wired headphones until now.


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