What iOS 11 Brings to Apple iPad

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iPad and iOS Beta
Official statement from Apple stated that their iOS 11 operating system will overhaul the use of iPads and will ­deliver many value-adds for ­iPhones as well.

The iPad finds itself at a kind of crossroads. It's great as a media consumption device, for watching movies, listening to music, reading, and browsing, and for ­creating on the go: drawing, doodling, writing, as well as photo and basic movie editing.

But it’s not the powerhouse that laptops are and, with iOS, doesn’t offer the versatility and flexibility of Mac OS or Microsoft Windows.

But with iOS 11, Apple has sought to vastly improve the iPad user experience. This starts with the extended dock. Having just four apps along the bottom of the screen is gone. Now up to 13 apps can be added, and Apple has included three more frequently used ones.

The dock is easy to access: it slides up from the bottom. Anybody can quickly access and switch between the apps and use it regularly.

With the new dock comes new gestures and accessibility. Continuing to slide up from the bottom uncovers a redesigned control center.

There's no need to double-press the home button on iPad. In one sliding action the current app can be minimized and it's possible to switch to another. Music controls are accessible along with a range of settings, and HomeKit devices. Extra functions can be added in control center settings.

iOS9 offered "split view" with two apps opened side-by-side. There's now an additional variation called slide-over, where a column view of an app floats above another app.

While viewing one app, it’s possible to flick up from the bottom and select another from the dock. Drag it upwards and to the left or right edges for split view, or release it just short of the edges to float it.

In control center, apps are no longer dragged to close. Instead, press down on one of the apps (the RHS bottom of an app worked best), wait for the little "x" to appear on each, and then touch to close. These gestures take practice to get right and persistence is important. But there are keyboard shortcuts, too. Hold down the Cmd key for a list. They include Cmd/Option/D for the dock and Cmd/Tab to switch apps.

iOS 11 also features drag-and-drop within and between apps, but its implementation is limited for now. With Photos open on the left side, and a Note on the right. But this didn’t work for Pages. There’s work to be done to make these features more universal.


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