What Is Inside The New Apple iPad Pro?

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iPad Pro
Apple’s update to the iPad Pro range will be on public sale in the very near future, but some of the secrets of the professional tablet that many believe can replace the laptop have already been discovered by Ewan Spence of Forbes.

According to Spence, selling the new iteration of the smaller iPad Pro is an easy one to the public. Take the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, make the screen a little bit bigger, make the bezels around the edge a little smaller, and keep everything in roughly the same footprint. Instant improvement and an instant reason to upgrade.

The Forbes contributor added that from a hardware point of view, the reality is a little different, as iFixit has revealed. Previously the 9.7 inch iPad Pro was based on the standard 9.7 inch iPad. The latest in the popular teardown features from the DIY repair community shows that the 10.5 inch iPad Pro is modelled on the massive 12.9 inch iPad Pro model. According to the team, once the user open the smaller Pro, it’s clear that it is "a scaled down and streamlined version of its 12.9 inch predecessor."

iFixit has also been able to confirm that the iPad Pro comes with 4GB of RAM (in the form of two 2GB Micron LPDDR4 chips). For those who will be looking to do their own repairs in the future, the new iPad Pro follows some of the construction forms of the 12.9 inch machine - notably with a screen cable tucked safely away in the center of the machine - and the use of standard Phillips-head screws instead of specialist connections. Both of these will make the process easier. It's still awkward to repair, but it's a start.

Of course the biggest piece of the iPad Pro is still missing. To make the best use of the new chips and larger screen users will need the software updates and tools available in iOS 11. That will bring an improved multi-tasking system, file management, and new options for Apple Pencil users. All of these are expected to improve the iPad Pro when the software is made available to the public, presumably in late September.


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