iPhone's Distracting Volume Control Was Overhauled

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Volume Control
Since the first iPhone, Apple has always displayed a white box in the center of the screen whenever the user change the volume.

While slightly translucent, the box is especially annoying whenever someone is watching a video or playing a game and simultaneously trying to change the volume. Why should changing the volume obstruct what anybody is watching?

For anyone who plays games, watches movies and TV shows, wants to stream a Boiler Room broadcast, or anything else active and visual on their phone that may require a volume adjustment, the current volume display can be totally disruptive.

Luckily, Apple has finally redesigned the volume indicator in iOS 11, the next major software update coming to the iPhone and iPad this fall. Online followers quickly spotted the change on the MacRumors forum.

Pointed out on Twitter by user @Turqmelon, the new iOS 11 volume HUD is now neatly tucked in the top-right corner of the screen. It’s much sleeker-looking than its predecessor, which unnecessarily covers video content for a few seconds any time the volume is adjusted.

It's a change that's been highly requested by users for some time, and it follows in the steps of some third-party apps, such as YouTube and Snapchat, which already removed the clunky default volume indicator in favor of their own, smaller versions. Apple's new volume HUD look is universal across iOS 11, and so now, after 10 long years, users no longer have to choose between adjusting the volume and... actually watching content.

The public beta of iOS 11 is due to come at the end of June, with a release expected in autumn.


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