Foxconn Leaker Revealed Interesting Bits

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Foxconn Leak
In absolutely fascinating online thread, a Foxconn insider took to the Apple subreddit a few days ago and dished out a treasure trove of information regarding upcoming product launches and refreshes. And while skeptics might reasonably point out that anyone can proclaim to be an 'insider', this particular user verified his identity with moderators after supplying requisite evidence and supporting documentation.

The entire thread is interesting and provides us with a rare sneak peek at Apple’s relatively secretive supply chain. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

First up, the Apple’s rumored smart glasses. Rumors regarding Apple's interest in manufacturing a pair of smart glasses first surfaced late last year, with a purported launch date in the 2018-2019 time frame.

According to the leaker, Apple’s smart glasses may come in three colors — crystal, champagne and black — and will be available in varying sizes for both men and women. Based on the bill of materials, the Foxconn insider speculates that the product would probably cost somewhere in the US$ 600 range, that is assuming that it actually gets released. Unfortunately, word is that Apple’s smart glasses initiative might be delayed, if not cancelled altogether.

When asked about the likelihood Apple’s smart glasses might be cancelled, and why they are so unique, the leaker responded:
"65%. Very unique design, if it can be done properly will be like what the iphone did 10 years ago.
When asked a follow-up question about why Apple’s smart glasses would be revolutionary, the Foxconn leaker flatly stated it will deliver augmented reality to the masses."
Next is the iPhone 8, arguably the most anticipated iPhone model since Steve Jobs introduced the original 10 years ago. Not to fear, the Foxconn insider notes that all of the rumors and alleged leaks pointing to an iPhone 8 design with a fingerprint sensor on the back are nothing more than "misinformation."

That said, everyone should look forward to an iPhone 8 featuring Touch ID on the front of the device itself, albeit under the screen. 3GB of RAM, as previously rumored, was also confirmed. What's more, the leaker adds that the iPhone 8 will come with support for Lightning as opposed to USB-C. Nonetheless, fast-charging will be an option.

The leaker later added that the final design will more or less look similar to the design featured in the middle above.

Regarding the upcoming iPhone 7s, that device will reportedly not support wireless charging.

Third, the leaker said users have some Mac hardware to contend with. On the iMac front, it appears that Apple has some spec enhancements lined up for later this year with a "full hardware design" and smart keys feature being targeted for a 2018 release.

As far as notebooks are concerned, Apple is prepping updates to the entirety of its notebook line, including the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, and the MacBook.

Regarding Apple’s rumored Siri-based speaker, it will reportedly house an A9 processor and will be about the same size as Apple’s trashcan Mac Pro design. Seemingly corroborating previous reports, the Foxconn leaker believes that while Apple may introduce the product at the WWDC, it won't likely launch until later in the year.

As to whether or not the device will include a screen, the leaker notes that Apple tested three different designs, one of which did not have a screen. In other words, users will probably have to wait until WWDC to know for certain.

Clearly, Apple has some interesting products in the pipeline.


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