Is The Worse Over for Galaxy Note 7?

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Galaxy Note 7
If anybody asks Samsung, they will probably say that the worst is over for Galaxy Note 7 as replacements are now hitting store shelves. News has also surfaced that some claims of exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets may not be true.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated there were 92 incidents of damage or injury from Galaxy Note 7 handsets overheating, enacting a recall of one million devices. However, Samsung told ZDNet that there have been 26 false reports of Galaxy Note 7 handsets exploding.

In 12 cases, Samsung determined Galaxy Note 7 handsets involved had no defect, while in seven other cases, the manufacturer was unable to confirm the complaint due to the consumer canceling the claim or having thrown the device away, according to the tech publication.

While this does not negate the cases in which Galaxy Note 7 handsets have exploded and caused damage, Samsung is certain to take every opportunity to turn perception around in its favor. Since the recall began in early September, several reported claims have come up false or inconclusive.

One report of a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee catching fire was found to have no connection to the Galaxy Note 7, according to the St. Pete Patch . Another report of a child suffering burns after a phone exploded in his hands was found to be a different Samsung device other than the Galaxy Note 7.

Reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets have come from all over the world, including the U.S., U.K., South Korea, France, Canada, Singapore, the Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, Croatia, Romania, Iraq, Lebanon, the UAE and the Czech Republic.

With replacement handsets now shipping, Samsung is expected to have 60 to 70 percent of possibly defective Galaxy Note 7 units off the market by next week, at least in the U.S.


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