Apple TV Fixed The Scrolling Feature

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Apple TV Scrolling
After it was launched last year, Apple TV has dominated the many households because it came with support for games and apps. However, it also came with one unwelcome feature from previous models — the need to incessantly scroll around to type in even a short line of text.

With the next version of Apple's tvOS software, customers can largely say goodbye to that annoyance thanks to the addition of voice dictation.

While the Apple streaming set top box included Siri voice assistant support, the ability to fill in text and search fields using voice was completely absent from it. The December release of iOS 9.1, helped this a little with added support for the iOS Apple Remote app, which allows customers to type in text into a search field using their iPhone or iPad. And with iOS 9.2 beta 3, voice dictation is set to become yet another way to control the Apple TV, according to MacRumors.

When dictation is enabled, Apple TV users that come across a text search field will be presented the option to search for content using the Siri button on the included Apple remote and its built-in microphone. In addition to dictation features, the beta version of iOS 9.2 includes features such as Apple Live Photos and iCloud Photo Library support.

For now, tvOS 9.2 is available as a pre-release beta version for developers. However, the public should see a release in the spring alongside updates to iOS, OS X and WatchOS. While an exact date for the software has yet to be announced, their rollout may coincide with Apple's rumored 15 March event, where it is also expected to unveil a 4-inch "iPhone 5se, a new iPad Air and additional bands for the Apple Watch."


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