Why The Apple Online Store Was Close

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Apple Online Store
For those who were up early last 21 March trying to access the Apple online store and get a head start, something unexpected was observed - the Apple Store website is not open for purchases.

Why doesn't Apple want to take all those money? The simple explanation is that it is because of the Apple launch event scheduled at 10 A.. that day. The closure of the online store is just one way to make everything about the ceremony extra dramatic.

The public, which can't seem guzzle enough hagiographic Steve Jobs biographies and products — except for the Apple Watch — was invited to participate in the unveiling to see what Cupertino's take on the future will be.

Those who wanted to buy something on the site during that period were greeted by a message, repeated in a variety of languages, explaining: "We can't wait to show you what we have in store. Our virtual doors are just about to open. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your patience as we work to get everyone in as quickly as possible."

The entire website is not down; just the store part is not operational. Users can still browse the main product pages if they want to. As for the store, it returned after the presentations, with the freshly introduced items included, though they won't be available for purchase yet.

The items rumored to debut feature a smaller iPhone 5-sized model with a 4-inch screen, a new iPad, and more.

The physical Apple Stores, however, are open if somebody really need something.


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