Apple Watch Will Be Available at Best Buy

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Best Buy Apple Watch
One way to reach the target consumer is to make the product available in as many retail outlets as possible. This could be the main reason why Apple Watch is set to arrive at Best Buy in August, making it the first store - besides Apple's own - to offer the smartwatch to consumers since its launch three months ago.

The retail giant announced last 26 July that it will start carrying Apple's smartwatch at 100 of its U.S. stores, as well as at, from 7 August, with a further 200 stores stocking it in time for the holiday season.

Consumers visiting Best Buy stores will now be able to choose from the Sport and Watch versions of Apple's wrist-based device. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the priciest "Edition" version, which starts at US$ 10,000, will stay with the Apple Store. It does not make sense having the pricy item gather dust at Best Buy.

Apple Watch accessories such as watch bands, screen shields, stands, and chargers will also be offered at Best Buy.

The move marks the first big effort by the Cupertino company to widen availability of its debut smartwatch as commentators try to figure out just how popular the device is proving to be with the buying public.

Apple has decided to lump the watch's sales figures with those for its iPod line, Apple TV, and accessories, making it impossible to know exact numbers for the device.

Data from research firm Slice Intelligence in May 2015 suggested demand for the Apple Watch dipped significantly in the weeks following the gadget's launch on 24 April, though Apple CEO Tim Cook insisted sales have so far "exceeded expectations," noting that initial sales of the watch were greater than those of both the iPhone and iPad during their early stages of availability.

At launch, the Apple Watch could only be ordered online, though interested consumers could see the watch and try it out at Apple's retail stores. The company only started offering its smartwatch for sale at its physical retails sites from last month, and even then only at a limited number of locations.

Bringing its wearable to Best Buy gives Apple 300 more potentially lucrative sales spots, and even better, offers consumers the chance to handle it, ask questions, and listen to persuasive sales spiel - important factors considering the wider public's apparent lack of interest in smartwatches, a situation Apple and other tech firms are determined to change.

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What Happened To The 4-Inch iPhone 6C?

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4-inch iPhone 6C
When it was reported awhile back that "an iPhone 6C with a 4-inch screen would seem to make sense for Apple because it fits with the ethos of their late CEO Steve Jobs," it appears that the idea was actually really considered seriously by the tech company.

According to Timothy Arcuri, an analyst with Cowen and Company, Apple was all set to produce what he referred to as an "iPhone 6-looking version of the iPhone 5C."

It would look and feel just like the iPhone 6, and it would run on the same internal components as Apple's current flagship. But, it would come with a 4-inch screen just like Apple's previous iPhones.

The idea would be to offer another low-cost option for those who wanted a new iPhone but didn't want to splurge on Apple's next model, which is expected to be called the iPhone 6S.

Arcuri said he had seen evidence of this smaller iPhone 6, which he referred to as the iPhone 6C, in Apple's supply chain from January through March. But now, traces of the phone have disappeared.

Arcuri speculates as to why Apple could have halted or killed off the project.

"I think one of the reasons is because the iPhone 6 has sold so well," Arcuri said. "And they said, 'Look, why would we want to cannibalize? If we came out with an iPhone 6C, we would essentially cannibalize a price-reduced iPhone 6.'"

"And they said, 'Look, why would we want to cannibalize? If we came out with an iPhone 6C, we would essentially cannibalize a price-reduced iPhone 6.'"
Arcuri has said in the past that believes the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will continue to sell well even after Apple releases its new iPhones — especially if Apple reduces the phones' price.

This isn't the first time that everyone has heard talk of a 4-inch metal iPhone. The analysts at Jefferies wrote at the end of June that Apple could be creating a low-cost metal iPhone with a 4-inch screen that would be called the iPhone 6C to be released in 2016. The note from Jefferies, however, didn't mention whether or not the phone would have the same components and design as the iPhone 6. Arcuri has also mentioned that Apple could be working on a new 4-inch iPhone in a previous note to clients from December.

It's also important to keep in mind that just because there's evidence in the supply chain, that doesn't necessarily mean Apple will ever actually release a smaller version of the iPhone 6. Even if the signals Arcuri and the analysts at Jefferies have picked up on are correct, it's possible that the product won't make it to market.

Apple, like most technology companies, tests different types of products all the time before deciding if it wants to actually launch them. It's possible that this is one of those scenarios, although Arcuri acknowledges that there's a chance Apple will release this miniature iPhone 6 in the future.

It's also worth noting that Arcuri has a mixed track record, too. He was just slightly off in predicting the size of the iPhone 6's screen (he said 4.8 inches, but it's 4.7), and he previously said the iPhone 6 Plus would have a more powerful processor than the iPhone 6.

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Is Apple In Trouble?

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Apple Products
Earlier this week, Apple showed everyone that they are still generating enough revenues in the very competitive technology market. The company's iPhone sales are up 35 percent from last year. Apple says more people are switching to the iPhone from Android now than ever before. The company has a record US$ 203 billion in cash reserves.

The problem is, despite all the strong marketing stance, Apple's stock still tanked globally. Why? Because of unmet expectations.

Despite the company's glowing numbers, there was one key metric that fell below Wall Street's expectations: The number of iPhone units sold.

Analysts and industry watchers had expected Apple to sell 48.8 million iPhones. The whisper number was even more ambitious at 50 million units. Instead, Apple sold 47.5 million iPhones during the three-month period ending in June.

Apple says this is because it tried to avoid having excess inventory in the channel so it shipped 600,000 fewer iPhones than usual. However, shareholders' reactions to the news indicate just how vital the iPhone is to Apple's business. To them, it seems, Apple is the iPhone.

Apple even added a new sentence to the risk-disclosure section regarding quarterly revenue and operating-results fluctuations in its 10-Q filing following earnings. The addition, which Morgan Stanley first spotted, seems to refer to the iPhone:

"Further, the Company generates a majority of its net sales from a single product and a decline in demand for that product could significantly impact quarterly net sales."
A quick look at Apple's numbers shows exactly why analysts and investors are paying such close attention to the iPhone. It's Apple's biggest source of revenue. In fact, it accounts for more than half of Apple's total revenue, as the infographic below shows.

Apple Infographic

The iPhone has been the most important product driving Apple's growth over the past several years. The iPhone's revenue as a percentage of Apple's total sales has grown exponentially since 2007.

The lower-than-expected number comes after analysts have been expressing a specific concern around the iPhone for months: Has it peaked? Can Apple continue to innovate the way it has with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Apple's newest iPhones have both been massively successful and have led the company to break previous iPhone sales records.

But analysts have worried that this will make it harder for Apple to show that the iPhone is actually growing in the future. This is what Wall Street usually refers to as the "comps" problem.

"[The] iPhone obviously drives the profits at Apple, and so I think the fear of that golden goose coming under pressure is always there," Cantor Fitzgerald's Brian White said to Business Insider.

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Tim Cook's Watch

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Tim Cook's Watch
Apple CEO Tim Cook wears his Apple Watch everywhere (even in the shower). However, if you look closely at photos of his watch, you can see that it's a totally unique model that is not available to the public.

Take a look at the photo of Cook holding an Apple Watch at the top of this article. Notice anything weird about the one he's wearing on his left wrist?

Cook wears a stainless steel Apple Watch with a white sport band. That's not the unusual bit. What's different about Cook's watch is the digital crown (the circular button that sticks out). Cook's crown is capped with a section that's colored red.

Nobody can buy the stainless steel Apple Watch with the red crown like Cook's — Apple simply doesn't sell that type of watch. Instead, only the gold Apple Watch Edition watches come with colored crowns — and they start at £8,000 (US$ 12,269).

So it looks like Cook is wearing a custom model of Apple Watch with a unique digital crown, possibly an early test model that he has decided to stick with.

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iPhone 6S Production Has Started

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iPhone 6S Assembled
If Apple is expected to release the new variant of iPhone on September, then it is safe to assume that production has already begun even if no official statement has been released. Hence, it gives credence to leaks showing images about how the parts are being assembled.

After the first images showing the phone’s housing emerged a few days ago, a new set of pictures that supposedly show the iPhone 6S's front panel has now also leaked.

French publication Nowhereelse has scored the images from one of its sources, who apparently had access to Apple suppliers as they prep iPhone 6S components for assembly.

The front panel of the iPhone 6S seems to be identical to the component on the iPhone 6. The source wasn't able to provide any details about the kind of glass used — whether it's sapphire crystal or Gorilla Glass — or whether Force Touch components are built into it.

Apple is expected to launch two new iPhone models this September, including a new 4.7-inch iPhone 6s and a 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus. The devices should be almost identical to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in terms of external design. When it comes to internal components, the new iPhones are rumored to pack faster A9 chips, 2GB of RAM a 12-megapixel main camera and a 5-megapixel front camera.

One of the leaked images is also shown above.

iPhone 6S Production

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No Apple Watch Sales Figures Yet, But ...

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Apple Watch Sale
Investors who waited to find out how many watches Apple has really sold since starting to sell the product this spring will have to wait a little longer because they won’t get that information anytime soon.

Apple has not divulge any actual sales numbers during its fiscal Third Quarter of 2015, with Apple CEO Tim Cook only saying that sales of the device had exceeded Apple’s internal expectations, initially leading to shortages.

“Demand immediately exceeded supply by a wide margin” after Apple opened up pre-orders for the product in April, said Cook, forcing the company to delay the launch in its stores. However, Cook said that the company has caught up with demand now, and has started to sell it in 19 countries, with three more countries coming soon.

In its earnings release, Apple decided to include the product in the same operating segment that also includes money made with Apple TVs, Beats headphones and other accessories. Revenue for this segment rose to US$ 2.6 billion, compared to US$ 1.7 billion a year ago.

Apple CFO Luca Maestri said that the watch contributed to “well over 100 percent” of the growth of the category, suggesting that Apple sold at least US$ 1 billion in Apple watch devices. He added that the company won’t break out watch sales any time soon to make sure that competitors don’t learn too much about the success of the product.

Apple did share more detailed numbers about its other key products: The company sold 47.5 million iPhones during its most recent quarter. Last year, Apple sold a total of 35.2 million iPhones during the same quarter. iPad sales continued to decline, with the company selling a total of 10.9 million tablets during its fiscal Q3. Last year around, that number still stood at 13.3 million.

Apple saw its quarterly revenue climb to US$ 49.6 billion, up from US$ 37.4 billion during the same quarter last year. Quarterly net profit came in at US$ 10.7 billion, up from US$ 7.7 billion a year ago. This equals earning of US$ 1.85 per share, up from US$ 1.28 per share last year.

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