Ellen Adarna Nude Photo Leaked

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Ellen Adarna Leaked Photo
Another case of leaked photos hit online stands and gossip blogs last 17 September, but this time it did not concern the hacked iCloud accounts of Hollywood actors. It involves nude photos of a local sexy actor and model Ellen Adarna.

It will be recalled that Esquire Philippines featured Adarna as it cover story a few months ago, including two versions of the sexy pictorial shoots showing her naked but covered with the magazine’s captions. The photos were taken by Jake Versoza. However, it seems that three fully naked photos not included in the issue of the magazine were leaked out and are now available at an image sharing website.

In a statement issued on 17 September, Esquire Philippines said it "condemns the unauthorized distribution of Ellen Adarna originally taken from a shoot the magazine staged for its April 2014 edition."

The rest of the statement reads:

"Esquire Philippines and Summit Media condemn the unauthorized distribution of photographs of Ellen Adarna that were originally taken from a shoot the magazine had staged for its April 2014 edition. She had agreed to be featured in Esquire Philippines with the understanding that no nude photographs taken of her then would be published or disseminated. The recent circulation of such sensitive photos without her (or our) knowledge or consent is in blatant violation of her privacy, and her right to dignity. We share her outrage; we are deeply angry; we will not hesitate to take the appropriate legal action.

The images in question, staged with photographer Jake Versoza, were never used in the magazine itself, and in most cases, were never even in the possession of the magazine. The images we did use from the shoot were treated to make sure any sensitive areas were artfully covered or obscured, as had been the agreement.

It is apparent as well to Esquire magazine that its own rights, as well as that of photographer Jake Versoza, have been infringed. We will take the proper measured action to protect its rights. Most importantly, we urge all not to participate in the dissemination of sensitive images that were not intended for public by the one person whose rights and dignity above all else’s should be respected at this time."
As for Adarna, she appeared unperturbed about all of this scandal. After hearing of the leak, Adarna responded by posting a photo on her official Instagram account with the caption: "Yesterday I received good and bad news. Today will be a f**king good day. Moving on... I'll just keep telling myself that in the end everything is gonna be okay, if it's not ok it's not the end."

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Guide to Android User Who Will Switch to Apple

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Android to Apple
Apple large-screen iPhone 6 is now available in the market. You are eager to own one, but can't seem to get over the files you have over at your Android phone.

Well, you better not sulk. Apple has anticipated that scenario when they launch their latest flagship gadget and has posted a comprehensive guide on its website Tuesday meant to help Android users making the switch.

The guide, which was now being cited by several tech sites, shows the user how to move content over from their Android device to their new iPhone. The support page details the process of how to add a new email account to the iPhone. It says,

"If you have multiple email accounts or use a different email address for your Apple ID, you can still get your email, contacts, and calendars on your iPhone. Just add each email account to your iPhone, and choose to include your contacts and calendars.

Or when you set up your iPhone for the first time, you can use your existing email account for your Apple ID. During the setup process, you can choose to include any contacts, calendars, or notes that are associated with that email account."
The guide also suggests a few apps that help users directly transfer data. For example, the Copy My Data app allows users to duplicate photos, videos, calendars, and contacts to another phone.

Apple also shows users how to move their music library into iTunes so that they can transfer it to their new iPhone. The case is the same for documents and e-books — Apple walks users through the process of how to transfer these files to a PC or Mac computer so that they can easily put them on their iPhone.

"If you saved your contacts and calendars to your Android phone, you can usually move them to your iPhone with a data-transferring app. Many apps can even transfer your data over WiFi, so you won't need to connect your phone to a computer. You can find several data-transferring apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play store, depending on your country. Here are some examples of data-transferring apps:
  • Copy My Data for iOS and Android
  • AT&T Mobile Transfer for iOS and Android
Just go to the App Store on your iPhone, find the app you want to use, and install it. If you also need to install the app on your Android phone, download it from the Google Play store. The app will walk you through the steps to transfer your contacts and calendars."
Throughout the guide, Apple emphasizes that many of the apps and email clients people frequently use on Android are probably available in its App Store.

Apple is calling the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus the "biggest advancements in iPhone history." Preorders kicked off last 12 September 2014, and Apple reported that it received 4 million pre-orders within the first 24 hours of availability.

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Expected Release of iMac

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The New iMac
AppleInsider has just reported that the much anticipated new MacBook Air or iMac may not be release before the year ends even of Apple will be launching OS X Yosemite in late October.

Initially, the super-thin MacBook Air redesign with a Retina screen was rumored to be revealed sometime by the end of 2014, but this is "less certain" to occur now. In fact, the launch of a new fan-less 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina display may not occur until sometime in 2015. Digital Trends suspects that Intel’s new Core M processor, which is fan-less, could be included in a new MacBook Air.

iMacs are also expected to get revamped with Retina displays at some point, but right now, there’s "even less concrete evidence" that this will happen before the calender flips to 2015, according to the report. The same goes for the launch of a Thunderbolt Display with Retina.

Though Apple has yet to officially announce that it is holding any events next month, recent history suggests that a late October event wouldn’t be out of character for the tech giant. After all, Apple held an iPad/OS X Mavericks/MacBook showcast last October.

OS X Yosemite has already been revealed, and released to the public in beta form. New features in Yosemite include the ability to make and receive calls and texts from your Mac computer, a new notifications center, an improved version of Spotlight, and more.

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Is Coleen Garcia in a Sex Video Scandal?

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Coleen Garcia
It was not her and she was not involved in any sex video scandal. This was the claim of actress Coleen Garcia when the controversial video that recently hugged the social media involving a woman that looked like her.

According to reports, Garcia said she is not the woman in the alleged scandal as she told “The Buzz” hosts Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino during an interview on the TV program last 28 September 2014.

Though she has yet to see the video, Garcia has asserted she is 100 percent sure that she really was not the one in the video which has spread online since 27 September.

She told Boy and Kris that when she heard of the news, she just brushed it aside because she knew in the first place, that there is no truth to the video scandal.

"It was just a hoax," according to Garcia who noted that no one in the world has seen the video purportedly involving her and her former boyfriend, and that when you click on it, you will find out it was a virus, which was confirmed by a report from the Amazing News

The news of the video scandal apparently came out at the height when Garcia’s boyfriend, Billy Crawford, figured in a brawl with the police in Taguig after he went wild for having drank too much. Some claimed later that the scandal was the reason why Crawford acted strangely.

Crawford was reported to have been detained by police on 7 September after allegedly causing harm on a female police officer and causing a commotion inside the police station. Garcia said she’s been aware of the news reports, however, she just shrugged it off saying she has more important things to focus on.

With all the controversies she has been linked into, Garcia said "there were so many times na sinabi ko sobra na ito pero never ko sinabi na I just want to walk away. Because para saan pa lahat ng pinagdaanan ko? I believe that there is nothing in life na sobrang great na hindi mo talaga kayang ipaglaban," when asked if she considers just leaving show business?

(There were so many times I have said this is too much, but I never said that I just want to walk away. What is everything that I went through for? There’s nothing in life that’s so great that you can’t stand to fight for.)

Garcia said "everything great is worth fighting for. If I give in to the struggles, then I’m going to lose something great."

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Rumors About the New Apple MacBook Air

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2014 MacBook Air
It was rumoured for a long time now that the 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina may include USB Type C ports. USB Type C will provide power, DisplayPort video, super-fast data transfer rates, and a much thinner design as well.

Since USB Typc C promises to be significantly smaller compared to current USB ports, Apple could use these connectors in an effort to make the next MacBook Air among the thinnest notebooks the world has ever seen.

On top of that, the 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina could ship in colors other than Silver. A recent report claims that it could also be offered in Space Gray and Gold as well. Apple already makes iPads and iPhones in Space Gray. It also offers the iPhone in Gold as well.

While a super-thin MacBook Air with a Retina display was rumored to be revealed sometime by the end of this year, this is “less certain” to happen now.

Digital Trends suspects that Intel’s new Core M processor, which is fan-less, could be included in a new MacBook Air. Windows-based Core M-powered laptops are already launching starting next month.

The original MacBook Air spurred a revolution in notebook computing when it was first released back in 2008. Take it out of the picture, and solid state drives would have seen slower adoption, Ultrabooks would never come to be, and laptops might still have more than a couple USB ports.

Over the past two years though, the Air has fallen behind its competitors. The system’s low-resolution display, generic design and relatively anemic specifications have turned the former revolutionary into a tamed budget option. Apple is due to refresh the system however, and we’ve heard a few rumors that hint at what the company might do with the next version of the MacBook Air.
12 is the new 13

The most dramatic rumor making the rounds says that Apple will introduce a new 12-inch model to its lineup. This model would entirely ditch the mechanical mouse button integrated into the current touchpad, and may use force and optical sensors to offer a new slew of touch gestures.

While adding a 12-incher may seem superfluous, there’s reason to think that this rumor has merit. The current 13-inch MacBook Air is a bit large for its size because of the relatively large bezels surrounding its display. As already evidenced by the 11-inch MacBook Air, Apple has room to reduce the overall width of the system without compromising the size of the keyboard. A thin-bezel 12-inch model could be nearly as small as the 11-inch MacBook Air, but could still provide a more usable display and a larger touchpad.

Does this mean that the 11-inch and 13-inch models could go the way of the dinosaur? The rumors don’t comment on that, but it was generally believed that at least one of them will remain. Some critics think a thin-bezel 12-inch model that incorporates other rumored advances would sell for a couple hundred more than the current 13-incher, giving Apple an incentive to keep one of the existing Airs as a budget option. If anything disappears, it’ll be the 11-inch Air model, which is arguably the company’s least appealing laptop.

Attached to the rumor of a 12-inch model is a claim that Apple may go fanless with the new Air, but won’t be switching to ARM processors to make this happen. Taking out the fan assembly would make the system silent and help Apple set a new benchmark for thin-ness.

Going fanless isn’t unprecedented. HP already has a passively cooled 13-inch dockable, the HP Spectre 13t x2, which was made possible by packing it with an Intel Core i5-4202Y CPU. That processor’s thermal design power of only 11.5 watts makes the inclusion of a cooling fan unnecessary. In fact, HP’s fanless dockable was the coolest, quietest PC we’ve ever reviewed. There’s no reason why Apple couldn’t use a similar Intel chip to create a fanless MacBook Air.

However, if Apple were to go down this path, the new MacBook Air wouldn’t be much quicker compared to its predecessor. It is doubtful that buyers would mind though, as the Air has never sold on performance, and a fanless version could be very thin indeed. The tablet portion of the HP Spectre 13t x2 is only .27 inches thick, and it contains all the processing hardware. The fanless 12-inch MacBook Air may not be that thin, but a thickness between three-tenths and five-tenths of an inch would seem likely should Apple ditch the fan.

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iPhone's Early Glitches and 'Bending' Issues

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iPhone 6 Plus Bent
After releasing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 early this month, Apple has also encountered several glitches with its newest flagship gadgets. Users complained that a new software update blocked their calls, while a widely circulated video showed the larger of the two new models is vulnerable to bending.

Apple has already issued an apology and said that it would stop providing the software update, which it began distributing last 24 September to fix several issues in its iOS 8 operating system for iPhones and iPads.

The decision to pull the update came after some people complained on Twitter and in Apple user chatrooms that the update, dubbed iOS 8.0.1, rendered their phones unable to make calls and caused problems with a feature that lets people unlock their phones with their fingerprint.

By 24 September, Apple announced that it was investigating the reports and would issue advice to users "as quickly as we can." Users are still able to the upgrade older phones to last week's version of iOS 8, which Apple said has already been downloaded to nearly half of all iOS devices.

Some tech blogs reported the update only seemed to cause problems for the latest phone models — the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It's not uncommon for new software to contain bugs that have to be fixed with subsequent releases.

Meanwhile, social media sites were buzzing with reports that the aluminum shell of the iPhone 6 Plus is vulnerable to bending. Some Twitter users claimed their phones showed a slight curving at one end after several hours in a pants pocket. With a 5.5-inch screen, the iPhone 6 Plus is slightly longer and thinner than other iPhone models.

It's not clear how widespread the complaints are. One YouTube video showed someone bending an iPhone 6 Plus by applying extended pressure with his hands — not from normal sitting.

Both the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus were given high ratings in a recent "breakability" test conducted by SquareTrade, a San Francisco firm that sells insurance to consumers for their electronic devices. The test did not include bending.

But SquareTrade Chief Marketing Officer Ty Shay said that after reports of bending circulated online, two staffers at his firm tried to bend a pair of 6 Plus phones: One staffer, a man, was able to duplicate the results from the video, while the other, a woman, could not. He said the bent phone appeared to still function normally.

Shay said his firm then checked and found a small number of bent older-model iPhones had been reported in the past. "It does happen," said Shay, "but it seems like for the most part it's cosmetic damage."

He suggested the bending is not a major issue. Referring to the iPhone 6 Plus, he added, "I think it's still a very durable phone. But we'll keep an eye on the claims."

Apple did not comment on the reports of bending.

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