iOS 8 Will Be Released on 10 September

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iOS 8 Apple
Last June 2014, everyone saw a glimpse of iOS8 after it was unveiled by Apple Inc. The new nobile operating system will have enticing new features such as interactive notifications, HealthKit, HomeKit, a tighter integration with Mac, family sharing, iCloud Drive.

However, the tech giant was tight-lipped about the iPhone 6 at the event. Rumors suggest that Apple will announce the iPhone 6 at a major media event on 9 September 2014, while iOS8 beta 6 will be publicly tested earlier, 25 August.

The Cupertino-based company usually launches new iPhones on Tuesdays, and 9 September falls on Tuesday. Christian Post says the iOS 8 will be on Apple’s servers on Wednesday, 10 September. That means existing iPhone users can upgrade the OS beginning 10 September only. Of course, developers can get their hands on the iOS 8 beta.

Currently, the iOS 8 beta 5 is available for download. Product Reviews expects the iPhone maker to release beta 6 by 25 August. The operating system at this stage is riddled with bugs, and the beta 6 is unlikely to fix all of the problems. What’s more, not all features are enabled in the beta stage. If you are looking to upgrade the OS, experts advise you to wait until Apple releases a more stable iOS 8 Gold Master version. The Gold Master is expected to arrive one week before the full-fledged iOS 8 is rolled out on September.

Older devices won’t be compatible with the iOS 8. You must have the iPhone 4S or newer smartphones or iPad 2 or newer tablets. The fifth generation iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2 will also work with the iOS 8.

Bigger changes will appear in the iOS 8. Apple has updated Camera+ for iPhone and iPad to version 5.2. Engineers working on the app noted that it would tide users over until massive updates are unveiled to take advantage of the iOS 8.

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Market Reacts to Apple iPhone 6 Expected Launch

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Apple Stock Market
Expectations and excitement are slowly building up in anticipation of Apple’s newest iPhones which is coming next month. The new variants will carry larger screens and possibly fatter profit margins.

In order to maximize their revenue and at the same time meet the deluge of demand, Asian factories have already cranked up production on the next version of the popular smartphone, generating numerous leaks of new features. Some of these leaks were already featured on this blog.

The stock market is also eager to welcome the latest addition to the Apple family. Company shares are up 16 percent over the past three months, as anticipation builds. After closing at US$ 99.16 last 18 August 2014, the stock is nearing its all-time high, adjusted for the June split, of US$ 100.72, reached in September 2012. In afternoon trade last 19 August, shares are at US$ 100.29.

Investors and analysts say a larger screen is likely the top new iPhone feature, based on the leaks and credible media reports. Such a move would also be consistent with Apple’s strategy of revamping the iPhone’s physical appearance every two years, as it last did in 2012.

Apple’s current models offer just a 4-inch screen, but the 2014 versions are expected to provide 4.7-inch and possibly even 5.5-inch views. The 4.7-inch model would be around the same size as some of the most popular phones over the past few years that run Google’s Android software.

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New Leak on iPhone 6 Battery

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iPhone 6 New Leaks
The daily leaks just keep on pouring out of the pothole and today is no exception. It’s not surprising, but at the same time it takes away most of the excitement that is building up among iPhone 6 followers.

Apple Daily just shared the following photos from an anonymous source that shows the batteries included in the iPhone 6 and iPhone Air.

The first photo (above) shows the iPhone 6 4.7in will have a 1810mAh capacity battery. To put that in perspective the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, another 4.7in display smartphone, has a 1860mAh battery.

The battery for the iPhone Air will be quite a bit larger at 2915mAh. That’s almost double the size of the iPhone 5s’ 1560mAh battery.

The leak also brings with it the first images of the iPhone 6 phablet (below). The purple coloured display on the right hand side is the phablet. Bear in mind the sources claim Apple has undertaken some design changes since the image was taken.

iPhone Phablet
On September 9 we expect to see the next iterations of the iPhone with much bigger displays, refined designs and the new and improved Apple’s A8 chipset.

Rumours also point toward a 4.7in iPhone 6 and a larger 5.5in phablet. This has raised questions about what capacity batteries will be used to power these much larger versions of the iPhone. The new leak seems to have answered those questions already.
And here is the rest of it

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Sapphire in Upcoming Apple iWatch

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The Wall Street Journal has just reported that Apple will most likely use the durable, scratch-resistant sapphire rather than traditional glass for the screens on its upcoming smartwatch and iPhone. It also added that the first of these sapphire displays will be rolling off the production line as early as this month in Apple's Arizona-based facility.

What was worth noting is that the report has supported earlier claims about Apple using these sapphire displays in more expensive models of the iPhone 6 only. Meaning, lower-cost version will continue to adopt the standard glass display. It's unclear if this means that the rumored 5.5-inch iPhone will use sapphire while the expected 4.7-inch version will use glass.

At present, Apple uses sapphire as a protective cover for the camera lens on the iPhone, but nobody has yet to provide proof that the material was used broadly because it's expensive to produce. If Apple's upcoming iPhone and rumored iWatch do come with sapphire displays, they'll be among the first consumer devices to do so.

Sapphire is considered to be much more durable than glass. Since it's one of the hardest minerals in the world, it doesn't scratch or crack nearly as easily as glass does. It can also withstand high temperatures.

The Journal notes that Apple is developing a synthetic sapphire material for its devices that's meant to replicate these properties.

It was reported in this blog for months now that Apple will be integrating sapphire into its products, and the latest information from Journal's further substantiates those claims. Back in July, prominent YouTube gadget reviewer put what he claims is the iPhone 6's display through a brutal torture test, which included bending it under his shoe and scratching it with a knife. It came away from these tests without a single scathe.

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Apple Found Ways to Meet Supply at Launch

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Apple iPhone Supply
How do you ensure that your company will be able to meet the demand of consumers? This is one question that Apple iPhone supply and production department needs to answer before the big event this September.

Since the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has always faced the prospect of impending shortage of supply. More often than not, innovative ways were developed in the nick of time to get around the company’s manufacturing difficulties. This year is no exception.

However, Apple’s move to finally give consumers what they want with a larger display on the iPhone 6 will undoubtedly make keeping up with demand at launch even more difficult than it normally is. And make no mistake, keeping up with iPhone demand is no easy task — Apple sold 9 million handsets through the iPhone 5S and 5C’s first weekend of availability, alone.

So this year, Apple has reportedly made a big change that will help ensure there are enough iPhones to go around when the hotly anticipated new iPhone 6 launches next month.

Citing multiple unnamed sources within Apple’s supply chain, Digitimes reported that Apple has made a huge change to its manufacturing process in 2014.

Whereas the world’s top original device manufacturer Foxconn is believed to have been responsible for producing the bulk of Apple’s iPhones over the years, Apple has reportedly tasked Foxconn rival Pegatron with building 50 percent of the iPhone 6 units set to be produced in 2014.

With Apple reportedly having placed orders for 50 million iPhone 6 units to be built this year, it would mean Pegatron will churn out 25 million of them.

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 is expected to be revealed during a press conference on September 9th ahead of a release the following week on Friday, September 19th. A larger iPhone phablet with a 5.5-inch display is then believed to be launching sometime later this year.

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Is Apple Ignoring MacBook Pro Users?

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Apple MacBook Pro
Most of MacBook Pro users have spent well over US$ 2,000 just to own a laptop that features the latest-generation Intel processors, all-new graphics, and faster flash storage. Unfortunately, they also have to endure a major bug that causes system failure.

Worse, the users have to deal with the huge bug for several years while Apple remains silent despite the fact that it clearly knows the bug exists in multiple MacBook Pro models.

MacBook Pro Screen
The screenshot above, which was posted to Apple’s support forum by a user named “Andy_Gee,” is an example of a system crash many MacBook Pro users have been experiencing with several different early-2011 MacBook Pro models. According to numerous posts on Apple’s support forum and elsewhere, thousands of users with 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro models have experienced the crashes.

Just how serious is the issue? One thread on Apple’s support forum discussing the matter has more than 7,600 posts and over 1 million views.

According to a new report from AppleInsider, Apple is well aware of the issue and its severity, but the company has decided to remain silent. Worse yet, the blog reports that the company currently has no plans to initiate a replacement program or even an in-house repair program to fix impacted devices that aren’t under warranty. Instead, Apple Store geniuses are reportedly directing MacBook Pro owners with out-of-warranty devices to third-party computer repair companies.

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