Apple iPhone 8 Seeks To Shatter Sales Records

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iPhone Sales
Apple suppliers are going for unprecedented target as they aim to make 120 million to 150 million iPhones in the second half of 2017, a volume that would crush all previous sales, according to a top analytics firm report cited by 9to5Mac.

KGI Securities forecasts three new iPhones with wireless charging from Apple next year, 9to5Mac reported last 29 November. The phones could include one major redesign, the iPhone 8, with two more iterative updates to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, according to 9to5Mac.

With features like a glass chassis and a bright, flexible screen, the new handsets could outsell Apple's most popular phone to date, the iPhone 6 phablets, KGI's analysis said.

KGI's updated forecast comes on the heels of a Wall Street Journal report that Apple is considering more than 10 designs for its 10th anniversary iPhone next year, including at least one flexible screen design.

To be sure, Apple doesn't always sell every iPhone it plans to make. Last year, Apple initially provided the supply chain with high numbers only to cut numbers later, according to UBS analysts.

But an iPhone sales boost could provide much-needed relief to Apple investors, who watched iPhone sales drop from their year-ago volumes for three-straight quarters this year. Analysts surveyed by FactSet expect Apple to sell 78 million iPhones in the December 2016 quarter, up from 75 million from a year ago, bringing the second-half 2016 sales to 124 million.

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CES 2017 Will Feature Samsung New SSD

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Samsung SSD
When the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 rolls around in January next year, its viewers and attendees should expect a bevy of new hardware and software announcements. One company that will be showing off something interesting is Samsung, which has promised to give a few select groups a first look at its new 850 Pro solid state drive (SSD), with a capacity as large as four terabytes.

Announced by way of press materials that boasted of the numerous (35 in total) CES Innovation Awards the company has won this year, the 850 Pro will act as a professional counterpart to the previous release of the 850 EVO, which debuted back in July. While it will be broadly similar to the previous release, it should have improved endurance and better long-term performance.

Of course the fact that it’s 4TB in size means whoever picks one up is unlikely to run out of space any time soon, either.

Samsung also claims that the 850 Pro 4TB SSD is the world’s first 2-bit MLC, 4TB “consumer drive,” even though it is designed with enterprise and professional users in mind. It also has the benefits of slightly reducing power draw when compared to traditional hard drives, though that’s not a metric that will come into play for anyone using just one or two drives.

Other solid state drives said to be picking up Innovation Awards at the upcoming CES show, are Samsung’s 960 PRO SSD, as well as its PM971 512GB, BGA NVMe SSD. The former has a smaller capacity, at 2TB, but is the highest capacity M.2 form factor SSD that Samsung has ever released. It offers ultra high-end performance in an extremely compact package.

The PM971 might have a smaller capacity, but it takes up even less physical space. Smaller than a postage stamp, the PM971 offers performance in excess of three times the speed of your average 2.5-inch SATA III SSD, in a much reduced footprint.

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Apple Declares Some Macs Obsolete

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All PC or gadget will meet its ultimate end. In some cases some will struggle to try and best the test of time, but it eventually becomes obsolete and can no longer be repaired or serviced by the manufacturer. At that point, it's dropped from the list of supported devices and the owner is essentially on their own.

Although Apple appears to be no slouch in terms of supporting its products, even it has to draw the line somewhere. Starting on 31 December, a number of Apple Macs will be dropped from the support rolls and be officially declared as obsolete, according to a 9to5Mac report.

Apple’s terms for PCs and iOS devices that are no longer repairable at Apple Stores and resellers are "vintage" and "obsolete." Once a Mac receives that designation, its repair staff will no longer be able to order parts for the machines and thus will no longer be able to effect repairs.

Apple defines "vintage" machines as "those that have not been manufactured for more than 5 and less than 7 years ago," whereas "obsolete" products are "those that were discontinued more than 7 years ago."

The status of machines added to the list varies by region. For example, Apple still provides support for Macs in California and for all Apple products in Turkey at Apple service providers, as well as for iPod and iPhone products in California via Apple Retails Stores and online support. Obsolete products are not supported anywhere.

The machines that reached vintage status in the U.S. and Turkey and obsolescence everywhere else include the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro (early 2011) models, while the Mac mini (early 2009) and 13-inch MacBook (mid-2009) models reached obsolete status.

If you're an owner of any of these machines, or the machines on Apple’s overall list of vintage and obsolete products, then it’s definitely time to consider an upgrade.

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Like iPhone, iPad May Get Major Facelift

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Redesigned iPad
According to a Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara, Apple's next iPad is going to get a total redesign in 2017. This came after leaks reported that the Apple iPhone will include new feature as part of its 10th year anniversary celebration.

One of those suggests the next iPad won't have a home button, which lines up nicely with rumors that the next iPhone won't have a home button either.

It is unclear at this point how Apple would implement the home button's features, like Touch ID or returning to the home screen from within apps, without a button. It's pure speculation at this point, but Apple could place the home button on the back of the next iPhone, like we've seen on several recent Android devices, or simply embed it (or hide it) in the display.

Previous rumors also claim the next iPad will have a borderless design, in which the front surface would consist mostly of the display. Yet MacOtakara's report claims it'll have at least one relatively large bezel at the top of the device where the camera is usually found, suggesting it won't be fully borderless.

If accurate, the latest claims help paint a picture of the next iPad and iPhone that's awfully similar to the new Mi Mix smartphone from China-based Xiaomi.

The Mi Mix has a near-borderless design — there's a single border at the bottom of the phone where the front-facing camera is found. Its home button is on the back of the phone, making for a perfectly flat, smooth front surface.

Either way, nothing is certain until Apple reveals it on stage. Barclays analysts say we can expect the next iPad in March. As for the iPhone, everyone expect Apple will do what it's done in past years and reveal it in September.

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Two Possible Apple iPad Lines Next Year

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iPad Lines
After it was first introduced a few years ago, the Apple iPad never really gain enough traction to be considered a hot commodity. Still, Apple sells millions of them each quarter.

The tech company is very committed to the iPad, a device it sees as a PC replacement for most people, and it’ll continue to launch new models in the coming years. A new report says that Apple is getting ready to launch two iPad lines that have not seen before in Apple’s lineup, including a new size and a cheaper version of the iPad Pro.

The report comes from Digitimes and seems to corroborate an August research note from noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Apple is tipped to be prepping a 10.5-inch iPad that will be released next year, with production set to start in December. The device will join Apple’s existing 7.9-inch iPad mini, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad will supposedly cater to the enterprise and the education sector in the US, where 10-inch and larger tablets have been popular among customers. The device would pack an A10X processor, just like the one found in Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Apple is expected to sell 2 million 10.5-iPads in the first quarter of 2017, and up to 6 million over the course of 2017. Interestingly, the sources noted that Apple will also launch lower-price versions of the 9.7-inch iPad to compete with Android tablets, but more details about such devices were not shared with the Taiwanese news site.

It’s unclear whether the 7.9-inch iPad mini will receive any updates in the future, but Digitimes indicates the smaller tablet will still be found in Apple’s product lineup.

Kuo also said in August that Apple plans to launch an OLED iPad in the future, but that won’t happen until sometime in 2018.

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The Apple Book Nobody Wants To Have

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Apple Book
Apple shocked the world when it released a brand new product just weeks after unveiling the iPhone 7. It doesn't need charging or power supply, like the other Apple products, simply because its a book. A plain picture book.

Apple are selling it for US$ 300! Gullible fans can get their hands on a new coffee table book that highlights a select history of Apple products dating back to 1997, beginning of course with the iconic Bondi Blue iMac. It featured a hard cover, colorful high-resolution images and nothing else.

Okay, so maybe nobody was shocked, aside of course from the deluge of snarky Internet commenters who were quick to blast Apple for having the gall to release a book for US$ 300.

Dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs, Apple design guru Jony Ive explained the impetus behind the book’s creation as follows.

"Honestly, it felt more of an obligation than something that we felt really compelled to do," Ive said during an interview. "The reason for that, and I guess it’s a fairly obvious one, is that as designers, we are far more interested in and consumed by the future; in what doesn't exist yet. But we’ve been working together for 20, 25 years, and it felt like the right and appropriate thing to do. You get a sense of what we’ve learned as a team and of how technology is evolving."

The book is appropriately titled "Designed by Apple in California" and is available in two sizes, a 10.2 x 12.8 inch version that retails for US$ 199 and a 13 x 16.3 inch version that retails for US$ 299.

For those who are curious on what the book contains, but won't pay the price Apple is asking, Michael Kukielka put together a walk through of the book where we can take a gander at the vibrant photos that fill the pages of Apple's curious new product.

And for those who want to make funny comments about it, check out Stephen Colbert below as he spoof one of the company’s famed product introduction videos.

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