Apple Renew is Apple's New Star

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Apple Renew
Although the unveiling of the iPhone SE was the highlight of Apple's media event a few days ago, the company's new recycling robot also got great reviews. After introducing the world to Liam, an R&D project capable of deconstructing an old iPhone down to its core components, Apple Renew quietly launched online.

With all the headlines directed at the iPhone SE, iPad Pro and Apple Watch price cut, the public might have missed Apple Renew altogether, but here's the gist: If an iPhone user is interested in dumping their old version of smartphones, Apple is making it easier than ever.

But that's not all. Apple will also take old iPads, Macs, iPods and even PCs. Anybody can just head to the Apple Renew landing page, scroll down to find their device and follow the instructions at the link.

Once the user has chosen which device they want to recycle, they will be asked a series of questions to determine the model of the device and the condition that it's in. Based on those factors, Apple will give them a price.

This only works if the user is interested in staying within the Apple ecosystem, as their payment will be in the form of an Apple gift card, but it's one quick and easy way to get rid of an unused device without hurting the environment.

Here's what someone can get when trading in an iPhone (h/t Lifehacker):
  • iPhone 4: US$ 50 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 4s: US$ 50 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 5: US$ 100 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 5c: US$ 100 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 5s: US$ 150 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 6: US$ 250 Apple gift card
  • iPhone 6 Plus: US$ 300 Apple gift card


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