Ad Blocking App Approved by Apple

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Been Choice App
The battle against unsolicited advertisers online has taken an unexpected turn after Apple has approved a new app called Been Choice, which blocks ads on mobile applications — even within Facebook and Apple’s own News app. The move from the Cupertino-based tech company is expected to disrupt the future of how companies monetize.

Advertisers have been up in arms ever since it was revealed that Apple’s iOS 9 opened the doors to ad-blocking apps last September. But in a recent New York Times study, researchers found that ad blockers saved smartphone users significant amounts of time and battery life.

“For a number of websites that contained mobile ads with a lot of data, Web page data sizes decreased significantly and load times accelerated enormously with ad blockers turned on,” according to The New York Times. “The iPhone’s battery life also improved — but more modestly — with ads removed.”

So what’s the deal with this new app, and what can it do really?

Been Choice is a combination of a content blocker for Safari and a VPN service, according to TechCrunch. The VPN service allows the app to filter out ad traffic using deep packet inspection. With the technology, the app can remove ads from the data stream using pattern matching.

The app's founders claim the app frees smartphones almost entirely from all trackers and ads. In addition to Facebook and Apple News, Been Choice also blocks ads within Pinterest, Pandora, Yahoo and the New York Times apps, in addition to blocking sponsored posts, native ads and pre-roll videos.


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