Scratch Problems Faced Early Apple Watch Owners

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Apple Watch Scratch Problem
Days after hitting the market, several Apple Watch owners have expressed concern about the quality of their newly-acquired gadget – it has some unwanted scratches.

Everyone is enthralled, that is for certain. They could even claim that the smell of their latest tech purchase dominates their surroundings. However, what they cannot stand is that the stainless steel version of the timepiece is picking up scratches on its body way too easily. In some cases, the scratches are appearing within hours after the device is removed from its box.

Those who purchased the entry-level Apple Watch Sport model aren't having the same problems thanks to the matte finish on the watch which tends to cover up any marks made to the aluminum. But this is not happening to every Apple Watch model being worn.

Apple is offering Apple Care support for the product. The protection plan must be bought at the same time as the Apple Watch is. Apple Care+ provides two years of technical support and covers two incidents of accidental damage for the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch models. Pricing is US$ 59 and US$ 79, respectively.

For the Apple Watch Edition models, Apple Care+ will have your back for three years of technical service and two incidents of accidental damage. The price is US$ 999. While that sounds steep, remember that the price of the watches in that tier start at US$ 10,000.

So what will Apple do to mollify Apple Watch buyers who find scratches on their timepiece? So far there has been no comment from Cupertino. Stay tuned. Apple is expected to clarify this issue in the days and weeks ahead.


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