Crayola Has Retired Its Dandelion

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Crayola's Dandelion
Last 31 March, Crayola announced that the color Dandelion would be retired from its boxes of 24 crayons and moved to greener pastures. This means that after 27 years supporters of the color won't have a lot to feel so dandy about anymore.

"To take Dandelion’s place, Crayola is hard at work getting ready to introduce a new color," Melanie Boulden, senior vice president, U.S. and global marketing at Crayola, said. More details will be released in the next few months. However, Boulden did reveal that the new crayon will be in the blue family, and its name will be voted on by fans "because we want you all to be part of Crayola history."

In 1990, eight shades — maize, lemon yellow, blue gray, raw umber, green blue, orange red, orange yellow and violet blue — were retired and eight new ones, including the yellow hue known as dandelion, were introduced. In 2003, four other colors were taken out and four new ones introduced.

Although lots of folks expressed their excitement about the new color, many were also in mourning over the loss of Dandelion.

On Crayola’s Facebook page, crayon fans lamented retirement of the color.

"I'll tell you where I want Dandelion to go," Rebecca Leach Sadowski wrote. "Right back in the dang box where it belongs!!"

Heather Brame posted that she was watching the announcement as it was broadcast live on Facebook. "Sitting here watching this Crayola announcement instead of cleaning," she wrote. "We are supposed to be adults but we are all here waiting to know what crayon is leaving."

The strong attachments to a color came as no surprise to Mark Bieri, a manager at DaVinci Artist Supply on West 21st Street in Manhattan.

"People are very attached to a particular color," he said to New York Times. "It's very personal."

He said when a manufacturer discontinues a particular paint color "there’s always a reaction."


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