Apple AirPods's Common Issues

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Apple AirPods
The widely anticipated Apple AirPods are, in fact, not the first wireless earbuds on the market. But until the start of the year 2016, they all had a cable joining the right and left earbud of all users. As of today, there's a new breed of entirely wireless earbuds, and most of them don'’t really work.

Apple AirPods are said to be equipped with voice recognition technology as well as Siri, Apple's own version of an online virtual assistant. On the AirPods, there is only one button and the users can double-tap it to activate Siri. With the AirPods, Siri can perform any task that the users normally want in his/her Apple devices such as iPhone or Mac. Users of the wireless devices can also change settings on any iOS devices remotely with Siri especially while the device is in the pocket or another room but still within the range, as reported by GeekSays.

Despite this many unbelievable performances, there are still issues on connecting the Apple AirPods to the user's iPhone device. As soon as users open the lid of the case of the Apple AirPods, it can automatically connect with their iOS device. So they just have to open the AirPods case, their iPhone will detect their AirPods automatically, then tap the connect button on the popup menu. With this steps, the AirPods will connect hassle-free with their iPhone. Aside from that, users can also connect their AirPods with other Apple devices with firmware at least MacOS Sierra, iOS 10 and watchOS 3.

Compared to the old Apple EarPods, the new AirPods leak a lot less sound, according to TopTechNews. So, while users can hear all, they won't be reducing those around them to an improvised tiny disco directly to their ears. They still gush a little at high volume, but Apple rests assured that this issue is unbearable. Here are other issues that users might encounter while it is in use.

Many Apple AirPods owners have reported that the battery of their device is drained very quickly. As of now, there seems to be no cure for this issue. Apple believes that there's nothing wrong with their AirPods, of course they are the real owners as well as producers. Preferably, some elements in the charging case of the Apple AirPods is to be blamed for this issue since it is related to its battery life.

Since the Apple AirPods are very tiny, small, wireless and techy but expensive, users wouldn't want to lose a pair. If they think that they are a person who frequently loses things, well, they should double think about whether to buy this new Apple AirPods or not. There was an app named as the "Finder for AirPods" to help keep track of the device when if users can't see it. But unfortunately, Apple pulled it off to the App Store and those who bought the app got their refunds.

Of course, there is always a solution to any problem. For users to reduce the chance of losing their Apple AirPods, they should always store them in its own charging case. Similarly, if the Apple AirPod falls off accidentally from their ear, even while in use, remember that the other AirPod stops working immediately. Therefore, they must be alert because it is their clue that the other piece of the AirPod is missing.


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