New iPhone 8 Video Concept

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iPhone 8 Concept
The start of the year is almost 30-days old, but this early, many Apple fans could barely contain their excitement. First, the new year means that new iPads are on the way — at least, they're on the way if recent rumors of delays aren’t accurate.

However, beyond the iPad rumors, 2017 means the start of a fresh new cycle of rumors and leaks that will continue right up until September, when Apple finally takes the wraps off of this year’s new iPhone models.

For the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, the rumor cycle kicked off early this time around. In fact, iPhone 8 rumors first started popping up months before the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus even debuted.

Their were plenty of intriguing things heard already about Apple's upcoming redesigned iPhone, and now all of the rumors have been visualized in what may very well be one of the sleekest iPhone concepts anybody has ever seen.

YouTube channel "ConceptsiPhone" has posted a video that attempts to visualize many of the iPhone 8 rumors and reports seen so far. Multiple sources have claimed that Apple's 2017 iPhone will Apple go back to a design similar to the one used on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, with a glass face and a glass back joined by stainless steel edges.

With a few exceptions (like that camera), the concept phone shown off in the video online is a gorgeous modernization of Apple’s earlier iPhone designs. It features curved glass on the front and back with lines that are continued by the stainless steel wrapped around the phone's edges.

The display on the front stretches all the way to either side of the device, and the home button has been removed, just like what was expected. Replacing it is a next-generation Touch ID scanner embedded in the screen, and the rest of the button’s functions are expected to be replaced by 3D Touch gestures.

Here are some more iPhone 8 specs envisioned in the video:
  1. High quality Gorilla Glass
  2. Liquid metal frame
  3. 6.9mm thin
  4. 5.8 inch OLED edge to edge display
  5. Wireless Charging
  6. Touch ID built into display
  7. Second touch sensitive display on lower bezel
  8. Smart connector
  9. 10nm A11 chip
  10. Dual 12mp wide angle + telehoto lens
  11. 3D camera technology
Will this iPhone 8 concept come anywhere close to representing the real thing Apple has planned for us later this year? Nobody knows, but it is certain the one everyone hopes for.

The full video is embedded below:


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