The Apple Book Nobody Wants To Have

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Apple Book
Apple shocked the world when it released a brand new product just weeks after unveiling the iPhone 7. It doesn't need charging or power supply, like the other Apple products, simply because its a book. A plain picture book.

Apple is selling it for US$ 300! Gullible fans can get their hands on a new coffee table book that highlights a select history of Apple products dating back to 1997, beginning of course with the iconic Bondi Blue iMac. It featured a hard cover, colorful high-resolution images and nothing else.

Okay, so maybe nobody was shocked, aside of course from the deluge of snarky Internet commenters who were quick to blast Apple for having the gall to release a book for US$ 300.

Dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs, Apple design guru Jony Ive explained the impetus behind the book’s creation as follows.

"Honestly, it felt more of an obligation than something that we felt really compelled to do," Ive said during an interview. "The reason for that, and I guess it’s a fairly obvious one, is that as designers, we are far more interested in and consumed by the future; in what doesn't exist yet. But we’ve been working together for 20, 25 years, and it felt like the right and appropriate thing to do. You get a sense of what we’ve learned as a team and of how technology is evolving."

The book is appropriately titled "Designed by Apple in California" and is available in two sizes, a 10.2 x 12.8 inch version that retails for US$ 199 and a 13 x 16.3 inch version that retails for US$ 299.

For those who are curious on what the book contains, but won't pay the price Apple is asking, Michael Kukielka put together a walk through of the book where we can take a gander at the vibrant photos that fill the pages of Apple's curious new product.

And for those who want to make funny comments about it, check out Stephen Colbert below as he spoof one of the company’s famed product introduction videos.


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