What Is Apple Doing With Tesla Cars?

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Tesla Car in Apple
How does one get ahead of their competitors? One way is to learn their techniques and anticipate their next move. This could be the reason why Apple stacking up on a number of cars in their front office.

Whether it's building a car itself or just researching software for self-driving cars, Apple is definitely up to something. But whatever it's doing, it's happening on a tiny dead end street in an industrial neighborhood in Sunnyvale, California, according to a slew of reports.

Neighbors have complained about "motor noises" coming from this complex at night.

The complex has been linked to Apple through public records, which also suggest that one of the offices have had a "lube bay," a "wheel balancer," "tire changer," and "wheel sensor" installed.

In front of 175 San Gabriel Drive, one tech blogger even mentioned that he spotted two brand new Tesla Model X SUVs — the new electric SUV that came out earlier this year. They're pretty rare. Tesla's only sold about 7,000 of them, and two of them were in front of Apple's car office.

Of course, the SUVs aren't necessarily Apple's. The cars could have been just randomly parked on the street, or they could have belonged to Apple employees — lots of Apple workers drive Teslas, and some of its engineers may have been among the first to buy the new SUV.

Besides, car companies regularly buy other companies' cars so they can see what the competition is up to. Ford bought one of the first Model Xs sold in the United States, for example. Since Apple's automotive ambitions center around electric cars, it would make sense to get acquainted with the Model X.

"It is common for auto companies to buy competitors' cars and tear them apart," Michelle Krebs, senior analyst for Autotrader.com, told Business Insider. "I think this would now apply to tech companies thinking about working on automotive."

The street also has scary looking signs in front of its parking lots warning that trespassing is a crime, although San Gabriel Drive is a public road.


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