Emojis Spoiled Ellen Adarna's Glory

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Ellen Adarna
Ellen Adarna is not somebody who is runs away from controversy. She has been embroiled in several controversial photos in the past that it seems unusual not to hear one every three months from the sexy actor and model.

It will be recalled that Esquire Philippines featured Adarna as its cover story a few months ago, including two versions of the sexy pictorial shoots showing her naked but covered with the magazine’s captions. The photos were taken by Jake Versoza. However, the unreleased fully naked photos are the ones that trended online and put Adarna's name in fantasy land.

recently, Adarna is again in the limelight after she posted a near-naked Instagram photo of herself with only emojis covering her private parts.

"Lovin the emojis," the 28-year-old wrote in the caption of a photo that quickly circulated online and shared several times by male and female fans alike. Most of the online posters were hoping that the emojis were never invented or wondered if the developer used emojis with self-destruct mechanism.

However, just like the previous nude photo leak, Adarna is probably unperturbed about all of this and will likely cherish all the attention until the next photo shoot.

The latest photo was taken by Mark Nicdao.


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