Apple iPhone's Hectic September Schedule

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Apple Merchandising Hours
Apple has more or less set the introduction of iPhone 7 on 7 September. It has been set in stone already. What is not yet certain is the actual launch date.

Earlier reports pointed to a possible launch on 16 September, but a leaked AT&T document, via 9to5Mac, suggests consumers will have to wait a little longer. The latest information, which details upcoming merchandising reset hours, the iPhone 7 will launch on 23 September or about two and a half weeks after the device is unveiled. Meanwhile, customers will reportedly be able to pre-order the device beginning 9 September following the iPhone 7’s announcement.

While the document adds to the mounting evidence of an imminent iPhone launch, it is by no means a confirmation. These merchandising documents indicate when carrier stores reorganize their show floors to accommodate new advertising and promotions. Because everyone is expecting Apple to unveil its iPhone in early September, the dates appear to be a sure bet but nobody should take work off just yet.

Previously, Evan Blass aka Evleaks revealed iPhone 7 pre-orders would begin on 9 September, lining up with the document you see below. However, Blass also predicted the device would launch the week of 12 September, which, according to the leaked AT&T document, isn't correct. Both dates seem probable assuming Apple unveils the device on 7 September.

For what it's worth, the iPhone 6s went up for pre-order on 12 September and launched on 25 September, about a two-week gap. If the AT&T document is to be believed, Apple will follow a similar path with the iPhone 7.


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