'Slide-To-Unlock' iPad Is Dead

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Many great things were unveiled and announced in the on-going Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 in San Francisco right now. But they just made one head-scratcher move in their iOS that will probably receive a couple of criticisms starting today.

For years, Apple taught its users that to unlock iOS devices, they need to swipe on the lock screen from left to right. The company even patented this technology, and gave Samsung and other Android device makers plenty of headaches over this method of unlocking a smartphone.

However, with iOS 10, Apple is killing the gesture, as it has other plans in mind for the lock screen and the phone unlocking mechanism. Slide-to-unlock is dead, long live Press-home-to-open!

That’s the new gesture Apple clients have to learn: pressing the home button to open the iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, Chris Mills of BGR discovered a rather silly behavior with iOS 10, at least in the first beta.

Ever since Touch ID was introduced, it was simple: place your finger on the home button, without pressing, and the phone will open. Simple, right? Well, not simple enough for Apple!

In the new beta, if the user touched the lockscreen at all, using Touch ID will unlock the phone, but not open it. Instead, they first have to scan their finger, and then hit the home button to unlock their phone. It's the opposite of what Apple has been training everyone to do for years, and it feels glitchy and bad.

So why is Apple killing the iconic iPhone slide-to-unlock? Because keeping it would only offer users a confusing experience in iOS 10.

After so many years of swiping-to-unlock the iPhone, this change will probably annoy plenty of long-time users, at least at first. If, however, they have been relying on Touch ID to unlock iOS devices, the transition will be easier, provided they don't have to press the button after their fingerprint is scanned to actually unlock it.


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