Siri is Now More Responsive and Expansive

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Siri at MacOS
Apple's virtual assistant Siri is getting the most number of updates at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This could be the most opportune time for an overhaul since Siri was launched almost four years ago.

The most popular and advertised headline is that Apple will open Siri up to third-party developers. The Siri software development kit brings access to applications and third-party content to Siri. For example, iOS users can send a WeChat message to their friends, by asking Siri to send a specific message in the app, and Siri will show them their message before it sends. Furthermore, iOS users can ask Siri to search for photos in Shutterfly and Pinterest, set workouts through RunKeeper and Runtastic, or book car rides with Lyft, Uber, and Didi.

What everyone is not aware of is that the newly open Siri won't be limited to iOS. The nee version will also work with CarPlay and on Mac OS.

In addition to opening up Siri to developers, Apple will also port Siri’s brains to the keyboard. For example, through the use of "deep learning," iOS 10's keyboard will bring up relevant calendar information and look through the user's messages to pre-fill calendar information. Through Siri, the keyboard will offer other suggestions, such as multilingual typing, current location, and recent addresses.

To allay fears that Apple would be storing all of the information garnered from this "deep learning," the company confirmed that, similar to Apple Pay, it will take place on the device, so user's info stays secure. "When it comes to performing analysis of your data, we're doing it all on your devices, keeping your personal data under your control," said Apple's Craig Federighi.

It may seem like Apple is playing catch-up with the enhanced Siri, especially when one considers the smarts of competitors like Google Now and Cortana, but these are big improvements.

The revamped Siri will be part of iOS 10, which will be available as a developer preview download on 13 June and widely available sometime during the fall.


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