Possible New Features Of iOS 10.0

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iOS 10.0 Features
The smartphone industry just learned what Apple iPhone SE is capable of. However, this early, there are already several rumors about the iPhone 7’s release date, features, design, and specifications. While the iPhone 7 isn’t expected to arrive until September, there's another major Apple product that everyone will hear about months before then: iOS 10.0.

Apple is likely to announce iOS 10.0, the next version of its mobile operating system, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2016. It all makes senses to release the new iPhone and iPad software in the fall or a few days before the iPhone 7 lands at local Apple store.

In anticipation of the launch, there are plenty of rumors about what Apple’s planning for the iPhone 7. But what really are the possible features that iOS 10.0 could bring to that new iPhone? What are the plausible improvement in the next version of its mobile operating system?

According to the reports of Lewis Painter to MacWorld, one possible feature is that iOS 10.0 shows users whether their contacts are available for a conversation, mimicking a feature that users have grown familiar with in apps like Facebook Messenger, which conveniently shows which of friends are online for a conversation or a call.

Apple’s version of the feature, outlined in a recent patent filing, would be enabled by a system that detects where the friends are, whether they’re available, and the operating status of their iPhone (such as whether it’s in silent or airplane mode). The iPhone would present that information to the user in the Contacts app. The feature would presumably require both parties to opt in.

Another feature could include improvements for an iCloud-enabled voicemail system, which MacWorld reports would enable Siri to talk to callers and transcribe their voicemail messages into text. The system would replace iOS’s standard voicemail system, and would enable users to quickly read through their voicemail messages instead of having to listen to them. That’s a feature that would likely be pretty popular considering the fact that most people consider voicemail an inefficient system, and often don’t even listen to the messages that others leave for them.

A feature that would automatically transcribe user's voicemail messages, so that they need to spend less time listening to those messages and more time acting on the information delivered by them, isn't yet available in iOS's voicemail system, but has been offered for quite some time by apps like Libon and YouMail.

Lastly, while savvy iOS users have figured out a number of different tricks to hide apps on iOS, Chris Smith reports for BGR that iOS 10.0 might bring an Apple-supported method for hiding the default apps that are usually relegated to a junk folder on the user's home screen. When looking through iTunes metadata, AppAdvice discovered two new keys labeled isFirstParty and isFirstPartyHideableApp, which seem to indicate that users will be able to hide certain apps.


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