Is iPhone's Dark Mode Hiding in iOS 10.0?

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Dark Mode in iOS 10.0
Last 13 June, the big Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 keynote event was packed full of announcements from start to finish. There were no major hardware releases made, but all the new software features in iOS 10.0 and macOS Sierra were more than enough to keep fans busy in the days that followed.

Two hours of interesting introduction of changes appeared too short for everyone to truly absorbed what Apple is calling its biggest iOS update ever.

Fortunately, the iOS 10.0 beta 1 has just been released and now everyone who were excited by the earlier pronouncements can learn more and uncover dozens of features that Apple didn't go over on stage. For example, the hottest new iOS 10.0 feature was recently discovered hiding deep within Apple's iOS 10 beta 1 code.

The much sought-after "dark mode" feature everyone has been buzzing about is indeed coming to iOS.

A number of rumors ahead of WWDC 2016 didn't end up coming true, and several of them were already featured in various tech blogs and review sites. One in particular of interest was the dark mode, which seemed like a sure thing. But once the keynote had ended last 13 June and the dust had settled, dark mode was nowhere to be found ... until now.

Several developers have begun digging through the iOS 10 beta code to see what goodies they can find, and one goody in particular had Apple fans buzzing last 16 June. That's right, the much-desired dark mode was found hiding inside iOS 10.0.

For those unfamiliar with the feature, it does exactly what the name implies. Enabling dark mode sets iOS's background to black and it darkens all of the colors of the interface. As nice a Night Shift is, dark mode will be much better on the eyes once it hits iPhone and iPads this fall.

It's unclear exactly when Apple plans to make dark mode available in iOS 10.0's settings, but several iOS developers including @andywiik and @Macaficionados have posted images on Twitter showing the dark mode setting enabled.


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