Nobody Can Preorder Apple iPhone 5se and iPad Air

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iPhone Preorder
Reports from 9to5 Mac revealed that the new iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 will be released simultaneously on 18th March, three days after Apple unveils them. This is unlike Apple's usual strategy, which is to put 10 days between a product's announcement and release, giving people time to preorder them.

The iPhone 5se will reportedly pack Apple's latest processor, the A9, and the M9 motion co-processor. This means the phone will have all the same features as its bigger-sized brothers the 6s and 6s plus; including the ability to take Live Photos and have always on "Hey Siri" functionality.

Apple is known for its all-metal phones, and reports are in conflict over the 4-inch iPhone’s housing. Some say plastic; some say metal. The closer everyone get to the expected spring launch date for the 4-inch iPhone, the more reports lean toward the idea that the phone will be metal. It’s also said to look a lot like the iPhone 6.

The big difference between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5se will be on the inside of the device, with a more powerful processor that will allow it to support future software updates from Apple. Improved cameras and support for Apple Pay are also rumored.

The forthcoming iPad Air 3 appears to follow a similar path, sporting some of the features and design perks of the larger, more powerful iPad Pro. Chief among these updates are the same 4-grill speaker system, and the inclusion of the "Smart Connector" port, which delivers both data and power to accessories that use it.

Also, there are reports that says the battery life on Apple’s next-gen tablet has improved. Notably, one feature not likely to make it into the iPad Air 3 is 3D Touch, this according to hazy reports from Apple’s supply chain.

Originally introduced on the iPad Pro, Apple touts its Smart Connector as follows:

"The Smart Connector is a new interface that takes advantage of the two-way conductive fabric in the Smart Keyboard. It allows iPad Pro to provide power to the Smart Keyboard and lets the Smart Keyboard relay each of your keystrokes back to iPad Pro."


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