Combining Classic and Apple Watch

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NG Bracelet and Apple Watch
For those who are not yet sold to the idea of swapping out their luxury timepiece for an Apple Watch, there is a solution. Instead of having only either of the two watches, users can have both at the same time in one bracelet.

First announced back in November of last year, the newly-announced accessory maker Nico Gerard (NG) is now accepting pre-orders for its luxurious Pinnacle Collection dual-watch bands for its NG watch on the top and Apple Watch on the flip side.

The accessory, which is similar to a product from watchmakers Original Grain that 9to5Mac reviewed earlier this year, offers a traditional style watch on one side with the ability to attach an Apple Watch face to the strap on the opposite side of the user's wrist.

The idea is to get the best of both worlds: The look and feel of a traditional watch, but without sacrificing all of the functionality of the Apple Watch in the process. The advancement means users can finally enjoy the old and the new in one wearable ... though walking around with one of these gaudy things may cost a lot more cool points than they are willing to part with.

The Pinnacle watch variants start at a whooping US$ 9,300 and top out at a US$ 112,000 gold model. The less expensive steel versions come with a steel Apple Watch; naturally the gold Pinnacle comes packaged with a gold Apple Watch Edition.


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