Retail Packaging of iPhone 6s Leaked

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iPhone 6s Box
Sometimes all it takes is a hint here and hint there, but sometimes those hints can be found in unlikely paces, like in a packaging box.

Last year, a photo of iPhone 6's retail packaging was dismissed when it first leaked. After after sometime, many people realized that it is indeed genuine and it revealed many of the features that Apple users should have expected from iPhone 6.

No matter if it was just a box because the retail packaging usually reveals a few important things about Apple's upcoming new iPhones and a new leak has offered one more revelation about iPhone 6s.

If the packaging pictured is indeed genuine, Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will each include smaller batteries than their predecessors. This could be troubling news on the surface, but optimizations in iOS 9 coupled with next-generation chips that are far more energy-efficient will undoubtedly result in the same or better battery life than the current iPhone lineup.

iPhone 6s Retail Box
Beyond the battery, the photo on the top of the box showed a koi fish on the iPhone’s display, which is a good indication that the new phones will support animated wallpapers similar to the Apple Watch’s motion faces.

Moving on, a new photo of the packaging posted by Nowhereelse editor Steve Hemmerstoffer disproves a rumor that many were hoping would pan out.

It appears as though Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will still include just 16GB at the entry level. Earlier rumors suggested Apple would up these models to 32GB of memory each, but everyone has seen those rumors come and go before.

Apple will unveil its next-generation iPhones during a press conference on September 9th.


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