Launching of Apple TV and iPhone 6s in September 2015

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Apple TV in September 2015
The Apple event this coming September had everyone pumped up. Apple followers are already excited that just over a month to go before the iPhone 6s is officially unveiled.

Buzzfeed’s John Paczkowski is reporting that Apple will "likely" unveil its newest iPhone on September 9th. While that date is not set in stone yet, Paczkowski’s sources do say that Apple is planning to hold an event on the week of September 7th, so that launch date is at least in the ballpark.

However, aside from the new variant of Apple's smartphone, the public will also witness the new Apple TV. Paczkowski says that Apple's completely revamped Apple TV will make its first appearance at the event.

According to earlier reports, the new Apple TV will feature an A8 processor and a completely redesigned remote control with touch pad input designed to significantly improve its responsiveness. The set-top box will also come with Siri integration to make it easier to control your TV via voice.

One thing it won't be bringing, however, is Apple's long rumored over-the-top TV subscription service. Apparently Apple is still trying to hammer out deals with studios for the rights to offer their shows as part of its pay TV subscription package.

As for the iPhone 6s, everyone expect it will feature the Force Touch technology that it first used in the Apple Watch, as well as a brand-new Apple A9 chipset. Other rumored specs for the device include an improved camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels and 2GB of RAM.

There is no certainty, however, until Apple reveals all the major details in September.


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