iPhone 7 Concept Looks Different

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iPhone 7 Concept
After leaks showed that there will be no major changes on how the iPhone 6s will look compared to iPhone 6, several concept designers are looking forward to 2016's expected iPhone 7 release as their source of inspiration.

One of the first ideas where brought forward by GdgtCompare.com where it imagines an iPhone that takes cues from both Apple’s own classic iPhone 4 model and from Samsung’s current Galaxy S6 models.

Looking at the design above, the metal frame that surrounds the device feels like a throwback to the iPhone 4. Meanwhile, the glass layer that covers the back of the device reminds everyone of this year’s Galaxy S6. And the slightly curved display that wraps around the side of the device is a subtle nod to the Galaxy S6 edge.

The video posted by GdgtCompare.com promotes the iPhone 7 concept as having a sapphire glass QHD Retina display, an A10 chipset, a 16-megapixel camera and wireless charging capabilities.

Interestingly, the video preserves the iPhone’s iconic home button, which is a feature that recent rumors have claimed Apple is working to dump for the iPhone 7. That said, the placement of the fingerprint scanner within the home button presents some real design challenges for Apple, so we wouldn’t be shocked if the company kept the home button for the iPhone 7.


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