UK Will Host An Apple Launch This Month

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Apple Pay England
Something big is happening in July from Apple and it will not be in the United States. Apple Pay will take a big step and leap over the Atlantic Ocean to launch the mobile payment in 250,000 locations across United Kingdom.

Apple may have seized strong position in mobile payments in the US – quite an achievement when consumer sentiment concerning contactless payments in that country was reluctant in comparison to consumer perception elsewhere – but it has yet to make a major move in Europe. However, indications seem to point out that it won’t be as hard for Apple compared to what they experienced in their home turf.

European consumers are far happier to embrace contactless payments, with UK consumers particularly ready to embrace these. With Apple’s iPhone 6 series devices leading the pack in terms of smartphone sales in Europe, there’s little doubt that anyone can predict many thousands of customers will test Apple Pay.

The existing £20 payment limit is likely to climb to £30 by the end of 2015, but it does mean that UK consumers will use an iPhone or Apple Watch to pay for smaller purchases and mass transit fares.

The UK’s capital city, London, has at least 6 million residents that are already accustomed to using contactless technologies to pay their subway and bus fares.

Mass transit there is run by Transport For London (TFL) who has said it will accept Apple Pay. With 24 million journeys taken across London daily, this makes it possible for Apple Pay to become part of London life very fast. And this is also likely to boost Apple Watch sales.

When it comes to TFL, all those iOS device payments will become an opportunity for various kinds of app-based services and in-device data collection toward the mass transit authorities big data efforts. However, it is hard to imagine how Apple can operationalize customer loyalty apps.

Apple Pay UK initial partners list includes: TFL, the Post Office, the Trainline, Lidl, M&S, Nando's, Boots, Costa, McDonald's, Waitrose, Wagamama, Pret, Spar, BP, JD Sports, Subway, KFC, and Starbucks.


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