Survey Shows Apple Watch Users Are Satisfied

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Satisfied Apple Watch Users
Some of the satisfaction surveys that were released previously were lacking in substantial information, but this does not mean that Apple Watch did not perform according to satisfactory standards. Besides, not enough users received their pre-ordered smartwatches to increase the reliability of survey results and decrease the sample errors.

However, the new satisfaction survey that just came out may have confirmed the hypothesis that almost all who had a first crack at the Apple Watch were enamored with the gadget and they like it very much.

Wristly, an independent research company devoted to Apple Watch insights, surveyed more than 800 Apple Watch owners during the 14-19 July period and reported a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate (that combines 66 percent who were very satisfied and 31 percent who were somewhat satisfied). Only 1 percent reported being somewhat dissatisfied, and 2 percent reported being somewhat dissatisfied.

The company also found, among their respondents, that 53 percent described themselves as "non-tech users" and 34 percent said they were "tech insiders," according to Wristly's survey data.

Inside the user groups, Apple Watch satisfaction was highest among the non-tech user set; 73 percent said they were very satisfied with the watch.

"Given the current customer satisfaction of the iPhone is at 99 percent, the first version of the Apple Watch ranks closer to the current generation iPhone than the first generation iPhone or iPad in terms of satisfaction," said Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies who also collaborated with Wristly on the survey.

It's good news for Apple. But it should also be noted that Wristly is surveying early adopters; the watch has only been on the market for four months. Also, it is unlikely that those who spent from US$ 349 to US$ 1,000-plus would be willing to admit they made a mistake.

It's unlikely that those who spent from US$ 349 to US$ 1,000-plus would be willing to admit they made a mistake. Furthermore, by not comparing satisfaction to other wearables in the market — like Pebble, Samsung Galaxy Gear and LG G, users really can’t compare satisfaction across the wearable markets.

Who’s to say that Samsung’s wearable line doesn’t achieve similar satisfaction among its users?

When asked about the survey results, an Apple spokesperson offered this comment, "Every day we hear from customers who love their Apple Watch and are finding new ways to use it.”

Regardless of how much Apple Watch owners love their wearables, the key to future success is — without question — sales. Some insist the wearable is a "flop" and, in recent weeks, projections for sales numbers have fallen precipitously, while Apple has remained mum.

If Apple defies expectations in earnings call, it could position the Apple Watch as a rare wearable success.


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