Standard e-Sim for Apple & Samsung Phones

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e-Sim for Apple and Samsung
In his report, Jay McGregor quoted the Financial Times as saying that Apple and Samsung are in talks to introduce electronic Sim cards into upcoming smartphones. The GSMA, a trade organization that represents global telecoms companies, was cited as the lead in talks between major manufacturers and carriers.

With talks allegedly in the advance stage of finalization, the intent was to develop a standardized version of an 'e-Sim' being built into handsets, instead of a physical Sim card that needs to be inserted by the user. This would allow users to easily change carrier, without going through the rigmarole of switching-out sim cards and potentially having to unlock the device.

AT&T,Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison Whampoa, Orange, Telef√≥nica and Vodafone are all named as companies involved in the project. But there’s no mention of other manufacturers – outside of Apple and Samsung – getting in on the action.

Given that both companies occupy the first and second spot for global smartphone market share, it makes sense that they’re leading the charge. Others will surely follow suit if a deal is agreed. Getting all carriers and a significant number of manufacturers to agree will be key to this proposal’s success.

What does this mean for the average smartphone user? Well, it all hinges on whether or not a deal can be agreed between all parties involved. If they can come together on which technology to use, promise to implement it in upcoming devices (the GSMA is looking at 2016) and stop the locking-down of devices (wishful thinking), then changing carriers will become a lot easier.

As it stands right now in some countries, to move a number over to another network, the user needs to get a PAC (porting authorization code) – which often requires filling out a form and waiting hours/days – and handing it over to the new network. Although the Financial Times does not mention this specifically, many hopes that any agreement between the networks and manufacturers would include a simplification of this process.

In any case, the prospect of switching carrier in a few taps is a tantalizing one - provided that users are not contractually locked in.


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