Newly Discovered Features of iOS 9.0

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iOS 9.0
A few days ago, it was reported by BGR News that there were three notable changes brought about by iOS 9, including how it handles Folders. Now that more details were revealed after Apple unveiled iOS 9 and announced that the update would begin rolling out to the public in the fall, it is time to look ahead and see what the public should expect.

Apple already issued six separate beta releases for iOS 8, the last of which dropped in August 2014 — a month before the final public launch of the software. Providing Apple is working on a similar timeline in 2015, it is likely that the public has already seen what the company has to offer in iOS 9.

To round up all of the most interesting features discovered so far since the first beta rolled out in early June, BGR News came up with this list below. This is not a completely comprehensive list of additions, but it should give Apple product users a general sense of what to expect from iOS 9:

One of the primary focuses of the keynote at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015 was the future of Siri. On iOS 9, the new, proactive Siri has been given a design overhaul to mirror that of the Apple Watch. Siri is also able to understand contextual suggestions, so if users receive a text from a friend about dinner, they can ask Siri to "remind me about this later," and it will understand what "this" is. Users will also be able use one of Siri’s voices for Voiceover and mute Siri’s voice altogether while the device is on silent.

New Apps
iOS users have traditionally had mixed reactions to the first-party apps that Apple places on their home screens following major updates, but it's something than iPhone and iPad users are going to have to get used to. Once users update to iOS 9, they will find a News app with stories from some of the web’s most visited sources. Users can customize the news they see for a more personal experience.

Apple has also built a dedicated app for iCloud Drive, which users will only be able see if they turn it on from the Settings menu. Within the iCloud Drive app, users can access files stored in the cloud. The Notes and Podcasts apps have also been revamped, and Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are both default apps now as well.

Battery Settings
Every time Apple updates the iPhone, users are terrified that the battery life is going to take another hit. It looks like Apple has taken those fears to heart, as an entire Battery menu has been added to the Settings app in iOS 9. From this menu, users will be able to activate the new Low Power Mode, which "reduces performance and networking activity to extend battery life." Users can also sort apps to see which are depleting the battery the fastest.

With all the options available on the App Store, Safari might not be the user's default browser any more, but if it is, they are going to see some notable changes in iOS 9. First and foremost, Apple has made it easier than ever for developers to build content blockers for the browser. This might help us avoid those annoying pop-ups that open the App Store, but in addition to content blockers, iOS 9 will also include a new back button at the top left corner of the screen so that users can return to the previous app without having to open the app switcher.

As the company showed off at WWDC, a new photo scroll will appear at the bottom of the screen when users view photos on their devices so that they can quickly flit between photos without having to go back and forth through menus. In beta 3, Apple also added two new folders for selfies and screenshots.

Temporarily Delete Apps
One of the most interesting features that developers have discovered throughout the iOS 9 betas is that Apple is now temporarily deleting apps for users who want to update their phones, but don’t have enough storage space. All of the user's data will be saved and the device will ask permission, but it should alleviate one of the most frustrating issues for any 16GB iPhone owner.

iPad Multitasking
Last but certainly not least, iOS 9 is bringing genuine multitasking to the iPad for the very first time. Slide Over allows users to open another app on the right or left third of the display while freezing the active app; Split View gives users the ability to run two apps next to each other simultaneously (only on iPad 2); and Picture in Picture lets them minimize a video and drag it around as an overlay while using other apps.


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