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iPad Pro Concept
The iPad Pro is a very much anticipated tablet computer from Apple. It was also a subject of several rumors for years now. With Apple’s tablet sales falling significantly, it is thought that a slimmer, high-spec device with a 13-inch screen could attract new people to the tablet niche.

With this in mind, it has been suggested recently that there will be split screen support for iPads, and that this could well begin with the iPad Pro. 9to5Mac has reported on this possibility, although it is still open to debate whether this feature will be solely a function of the iPad Pro, or whether Apple will incorporate it into the other iPads in the range.

One possible issue that the iPad series could face with this mooted split screen functionality is that tablet computers potentially have insufficient memory in order to operate it efficiently. Thus, reports suggest that Apple is already working on significantly improving the memory quotient in the iPad Pro, possibly doubling it from previous iterations of the device to 4 GB.

Some sources have suggested that Apple will unveil this top of the range tablet at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, ahead of a release later this year. This would be something of a surprise, as Apple has tended to focus on software at the WWDC in recent years, dedicating other specialized events to hardware launches.

Two versions of the iPad Pro are rumored to be currently under development, and these have currently been codenamed J98 and J99. Reports indicate that one of the two versions will be Wi-Fi-only, and the other will be Wi-Fi plus cellular when they are released into the wider marketplace.

Aside from the split screen functionality, it also been suggested that Apple will introduce multi-user support with the iPad Pro, a feature which has been hinted at by the corporation for around three years. This would be an obvious response to Apple’s major OS rival Android, which has included this feature in its functionality for sometime.


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