Leaked Photo of iPhone 6c

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Leaked Photo of iPhone 6c
One of the biggest tech rumors of 2015 has been the idea that Apple Inc. will release an iPhone 6c or a 4-inch screened version of its flagship smartphone.

The Apple handset will be targeted at people who prefer smaller mobile devices, and would also be particularly viable for consumers in developing economies and other markets which desire affordable devices. And the latest Apple leak suggest that the public might see this iPhone 6c sooner rather than later.

The social sharing site Reddit has recently featured a webpage based around the new iPhone Lightning dock. While there is nothing unusual about this in and of itself, Apple also posted a picture of an iPhone 5C model that features a Touch ID sensor. Of course, this certainly wasn’t present on the original iPhone 5c, which suggests that this could be the hotly anticipated new 4-inch iPhone.

It has also been suggested that the device in question appears to have slimmer side bezels than previous devices, although this is rather difficult to confirm definitively based on the picture posted.

There is currently a big debate taking place on the Reddit site regarding whether this is just a Photoshopped version of the existing iPhone 5c, or whether Apple was genuinely giving people a sneak preview of a forthcoming mobile device.

If Apple does release this handset in the near future, it is a certainty that Touch ID will be part of its make-up, so this rumor certainly makes sense. Whether this smartphone has been quite so rapidly developed as to arrive in the near future is highly debatable, as it is expected that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will release later this year.

With Apple having already released a new product range during 2015, with its first smartwatch the Apple Watch hitting the stores in April, the emergence of a second brand new mobile category would seem to be perhaps a little unlikely.

But there has been so much speculation and rumor about the iPhone 6C that it is reasonable to assume that everyone will see this device sometime in the foreseeable future. Previous Apple releases have also been released to the media long before they have ever seen the light of day, and indeed the aforementioned Apple Watch was being reported in the press over two years before it was finally confirmed by Apple itself.


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