New iPhone 6 Battery Packs More Power

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Battery iPhone
A much better battery pack for all iPhones will probably be released soon.

About one year after a credit card-sized iPhone and Android battery called the LithiumCard took Indiegogo by storm, the company behind this particular “hypercharging” external battery pack decided to launch a successor that’s supposed to be even better at charging devices quickly.

The LithiumCard PRO launched simultaneously on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and should offer even better features than last year’s model.

The company had three main objectives in mind when designing the charger, including fully charging an iPhone 6, matching the thickness of the original LithiumCard while tripling its capacity (the battery will offer you a 3,000 mAh charge), and increasing its charging time (the device offers 3A of power).

The LithiumCard Pro is looking to raise US$ 10,000 each on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and it has almost reached $20,000 in pledges. Even though the company focuses on the iPhone 6 in its advertising materials, the power pack also comes in an Android-friendly version complete with a microUSB port.

Once funded, the LithiumCard Pro should ship starting with May 2015. The cheapest LithiumCard Pro costs US$ 39 on either crowd-funding site ($40 off the final retail price), assuming you can get in on the Early Bird deals.


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