Google's AI-Powered News App Now In iOS

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Google App in iOS
A redesigned Google News for iOS was a notable inclusion at the Google I/O keynote a few days ago.

Recently it rolls out officially, replacing the existing Google Play Newsstand, which launched on iOS in 2104 as a news and magazine subscription hub. The app has been completely reimagined, designed to handle the ever-evolving way we consume news, and leveraging existing AI and machine-learning technology to create a personalized and curated experience.

Most importantly, it draws from a variety of sources to deliver packages of opinion, analysis and fact-checked articles focused on specific newsworthy events, giving users a solid platform from which to make up their own minds about current affairs.

The app comprises three main components: "For You", "Full Coverage" and Newsstand. "For You" gives you a quick overview of five stories, based on the user's past reading habits, although they can edit this by telling the app to show them more or less content on a specific topic.

"Full Coverage", as expected, digs deeper into news events, displaying stories from a variety of sources (although users can't set preferences for these), as well as timelines for ongoing issues.

Newsstand gives access to pay-walled news outlets. Simply subscribe to a publication and view its latest content in Google's mobile-optimised AMP standard. The app is available in the iOS App Store now.


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