Virgin Mobile Go All-Out For iPhone

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Virgin Mobile
Apple's flagship product, the iPhone, is considered as one of the most popular gadgets of all time. It is also the single most dominant force in smartphones today, which means putting all the chips in the iPhone basket isn't a terrible strategy.

This is what Virgin Mobile thought of after announcing that, as of 27th June, it wont sell anything but Apple’s smartphone. No Android, no Windows Phone, no anything but iPhone, and Virgin Mobile is 'launching a new wireless plan to match it.

"There's iPhone. And then there's everything else," the company says in its official announcement.

"At Virgin Mobile, we're teaming with Apple to offer you nothing but the world’s most popular phone. Because life in the Inner Circle is about living big, expanding your horizons and pursuing your passions. And it starts with an iPhone you'll adore."

Along with the new iPhone-only sales strategy, Virgin Mobile is launching a new promotion with its US$ 50/month Inner Circle plan. If the user buys a new iPhone through Virgin, they will get the first full year of unlimited service for just US$ 1. After the first year ends, the monthly fee will return to US$ 50.

As with all the "unlimited" plans these days, the service Virgin Mobile is offering isn't truly unlimited at all. The company notes that it will "deprioritize" their service if the user manage to burn through more than 23 GB of data during any billing cycle. Still, that's a huge amount of data, and the vast majority of even heavy smartphone users probably won't come anywhere near maxing it out.


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