GoDaddy and Causemo Adopted Apple Pay

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GoDaddy and Causemo
Apple Pay is trying to expand its scope and coverage after it convinced GoDaddy to provide it to all of its online store merchants who enable credit card payments through Stripe on mobile devices.

Causemo, a startup platform enabling non-profit organizations to acquire and retain donors, is also providing Apple Pay on the web in Safari on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. When using Apple Pay, donors do not have to enter their billing, shipping, or contact details. Apple Pay is shown as the default payment option on enabled devices.

In November, Apple announced that nonprofit organizations in the United States are now able to accept donations using Apple Pay.

"We're making it incredibly easy to give back with Apple Pay," said Jennifer Bailey, Apple's vice president of Apple Pay. "Websites and apps tell us they see twice as many people actually completing a purchase with Apple Pay than with other payment methods. We think offering such a simple and secure way to support the incredible work nonprofits do will have a significant impact on the communities they serve."
Earlier this month, Apple Pay vice president Jennifer Bailey said 35 percent of merchants in the United States now accept Apple Pay, compared to only 4 percent of merchants that accepted the payment option when it launched in October 2014.

The battle for mobile and transactions is intense, with Apple battling a host of banks, would-be third party platforms, Google, Samsung, and (to a lesser extent) Bitcoin. Even ATMs are a battleground for mobile transactions.

If Apple is successful, additions like GoDaddy and Causemo will become so common place they won’t warrant attention. Until then, however, every new retailer supporting Apple Pay is important to Apple and its platform.


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