Apple AirPods May be More Accessible Soon

Posted by Kirhat | Sunday, January 29, 2017 | | 0 comments »

Apple AirPods
The Apple AirPods are hottest product right now, but the company is allegedly having trouble meeting the unexpectedly high demand that followed the delayed launch. Apple may have missed out on the crucial Christmas shopping season, but that might not be bad news considering that people are still looking to get their hands on a pair.

To that end, Apple’s AirPods manufacturer is reportedly in the process of expanding AirPods production capacity.

According to Chinese-language Economic Daily News, quoted by Digitimes, Apple’s AirPods supplier Inventec has recently started expanding capacity at its Shanghai plants to increase output. The plants are also working overtime to deliver orders, the report goes to note.

That said, nobody has any idea how many AirPods Apple has made so far, how many it’s mass-producing every day, or how many it has sold so far.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said a few days ago that the AirPods are a "runaway success" for the company. That may very well be an accurate way to describe Apple’s performance, but Cook did not translate the company’s runaway success into actual numbers.

What's clear is that the US$ 159 iPhone accessory is a big success with Apple fans. If anybody still haven’t had a chance to buy theirs, at least now they know Apple is doing everything it can to increase supply.


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