iPhone 7 Needs A Lot of Catching-Up

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Apple 7 Catch-Up
If Apple engineers are to be believed, changes were made to the iPhone 7 because it's increasingly difficult to think of new features and the phone makers have pretty much run out of room for new components inside.

That, says Apple, is why it removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which went on sale last 14 September. The headphone jack may not seem very big — but on the inside of the phone, the corresponding receptacle occupies an unnerving amount of nonnegotiable space.

So how can one listen to music without a headphone jack? Apple offers three ways. First, in the box, Apple includes a two-inch adapter cord that connects any headphones to the phone’s Lightning jack.

Second, the phone also comes with new white earbuds that connect to the Lightning jack. Or users can use any Bluetooth wireless earbuds, including Apple's own, super-impressive AirPods.

In theory, those approaches should pretty much cover almost what everyone wants to listen. In practice, though, users will still get zapped by the occasional inconvenience bug. Every iPhone users be on a flight, for example, listening to their laptop with headphones — and when they want to switch to the phone, users will realize that their adapter dongle is in the overhead bin.

But this kind of hassle is the new reality. Motorola and LeEvo (in China) have already ditched the headphone jack, and other phone makers will follow suit.

All right, Apple removed the headphone jack so that it could dedicate interior space to new features. What are they?

Turns out that just about every element of a smartphone that can be improved, Apple has upgraded: the case, the battery, camera, screen, speakers, processor, storage, the Home button, and the software.


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