Apple Can't Seem To Get The iPhone Battery Right

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iPhone 7 Battery
After they were released more than two weeks ago, Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus had undergone some serious scrutiny from its avid users and followers. One of the things they want to know is what are the phones' strengths and weaknesses? And as it turns out, it was observed that the latest variant of iPhones have far more strengths than weaknesses.

Apple's next-gen iPhones could be the most powerful smartphones on the planet right now, and they've been improved in nearly every way compared to last year's iPhone models. However, there's one key area where the latest iPhone models aren't class leaders though, and unfortunately it's an area where Apple's iPhone lineup is in desperate need of improvement: Battery life.

A recent test performed by UK-based gadget testing firm Which? confirmed what Apple fans all already knew but have tried their hardest to forget — the iPhone 7 has terrible battery life.

Apple claimed on stage that the new 4.7-inch iPhone 7 offers up to two additional hours of battery life compared to last year's iPhone 6s, and tests have definitely shown an improvement in this key area. But even with improvements over last year's iPhone, the iPhone 7 still falls embarrassingly short of rival handsets where battery performance is concerned.

Which? ran tests that compared Apple's iPhone 7 to the latest flagship phones from three of Apple's top rivals, and the results weren't pretty.

The firm's testing sought to determine exactly how long each phone's battery would last while making voice calls and while browsing the web, both using 3G. Apple's iPhone 7 came in dead last in both tests. The web browsing test was at least close but the voice call testing was ridiculous, with Apple's handset lasting less than half as long as any other phone.

Battery Test
Many observers believed that Apple has actually valued design and thinness far more than it values battery longevity. It may be strategic on their part, but it's getting to the point where Apple's love affair with thin iPhones goes against the company's tendency to put users' needs first.

Next year, Apple is expected to release completely redesigned iPhones. Details surrounding Apple's iPhone 8 have already begun to trickle in, and some of the new features everyone is expecting sound fantastic.

But many are hoping that the tenth year anniversary of Apple will finally compel the company to catch up to rivals where battery life is concerned, because Apple's current solution to the problem is a hideous battery case. What's the point of designing thin, gorgeous smartphones if the market offers an atrocious battery case.


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