A Major Apple Revelation on 7 September

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Apple Event
Anybody doing anything important on 7 September? If none, then what Apple has in store on that date may be a good alternative to consider.

The company has already sent out invitations to members of the press last 29 August, with a somewhat cryptic message to be at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on 7 September. Will anybody hazard a guess on what they are planning to do?

While the invitations never overtly reveal what Apple’s main thrust of its events will be, there's always some sort of hint. This invitation has the Apple logo made out of a series of blurry dots, a photography technique referred to as bokeh, which seems to suggest that photography will be a key talking point at the presentation.

There has been speculation that the next iPhone — most likely called the iPhone 7 — while likely to look pretty much the same as the iPhone 6 and 6s, will have a set of rear cameras that will help it take far better photos than Apple’s current crop of phones. Photography has been a focus of Apple’s iPhone marketing in recent years, so the push seems like a logical next step.

It's also expected that the next iPhone will have no headphone jack and be completely waterproof, and there may potentially be a new pair of wireless headphones to go with the phone, or at least a pair of headphones that just plug directly into the phone's Lightning charging port.

Beyond an updated iPhone, it's unclear what Apple plans to unveil. It's been over a year and half since Apple announced the Apple Watch, so an updated version would seem logical, but there have been reports that the company is struggling to update the device, amid tepid sales. Most of Apple’s laptops are also out of date and in dire need of a refresh, but reports suggest that Apple plans to hold a separate event later in the year — or perhaps even next year — to announce new MacBooks.

Whatever happens, many sites will be live blogging the event, hence, stay tuned.


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