Will iPhone 7 Leave Many Users Frustrated

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iPhone Earphones
After one successful launch last 21 March, another one is expected before the year ends. These Apple's iPhone launches are considered as the biggest events in the tech world because they generate the most excitement and hype.

Not to mention the staggering sales margin after each of those launches, Apple is expected to again sell more new iPhones by the end of opening weekend than most smartphone models sell in a lifetime.

As big as Apple's new iPhone launches are, there’s always a bit of "scandal" that accompanies them. And it looks like everyone is bracing themselves for this year's biggest gripe when the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus debut in September.

According to numerous reports from sources with solid track records, Apple plans to remove the standard 1/8-inch headphone jack currently present in the iPhone and every other smartphone on the planet. Users will still have options that will allow them to use their current headphones with the iPhone 7, but those options won't include simply plugging them into the phone.

Since the new iPhones appear to have abandoned the standard audio port, the company's current EarPod headphones won't work with them out of the box. In place of the current models, Apple will reportedly release new EarPods that utilize a Lightning connector instead of an 1/8th-inch audio plug. Now, a photo of Apple's unreleased new EarPods may have leaked as shown above.

The source of the leaked photo is unclear, though it was posted to Twitter a few days ago by someone who seemingly found it on a Chinese website. It should be noted that photos like this can easily be faked; an example of a fake next-generation EarPods photo was posted later in that same Twitter thread.

People are always quick to get angry when Apple makes major changes to its product line. Remember the uproar when Apple moved from its old 30-pin connector to the new Lightning ports now used on all iOS devices? There will indeed be outrage if and when Apple does pull the plug on the 1/8th-inch audio plug, and then a few months later it will be like it never existed in the first place.


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