iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at the 2016 WWDC?

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iPhone 7 Plus Rumors
The Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) is expected to take place on 13 June 2016 in San Francisco. That means everyone now only have a couple of months to wait to see what Apple has in store for iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.

Last year saw the release of Apple Music; this year some expects to see a lot of new iPhone/iPad features added into the mix. Especially with the advent of the iPhone 7 Pro which is will apparently share some similarities to Apple’s iPad Pro line of devices.

The BIG keynote by Mr. Tim Cook takes place on the first day — 13 June — and it is here that Apple will detail its plans for the rest of the year, discus its ups and downs, and introduce new software for iPhone/iPad and Mac computers. And with the launch of the iPhone 7 just around the corner, what’s revealed about iOS 10 will likely give everyone a better idea about what features will be present aboard the iPhone 7.

By now everyone have heard many rumors claiming the iPhone 7 will be the thinnest iPhone ever - ultra-thin, super-thin, the thinnest of the thin! Wafer thin? Anyway, the latest blurb down the grapevine claims this extreme thinness will go hand-in-hand with a couple of hardware innovations.

Everyone even starting to get trickles on information through about Apple’s 2017 iPhone — the iPhone 7s. This handset will be the first iPhone to use OLED display technology, opening up lots of design possibilities for Apple with future iPhones — iPhone EDGE, anyone? Word on the street suggests Apple is so keen on making the switch from LCD to OLED it has fast-tracked the transition for next year — OLED was originally said to be happening in 2018.

Not much else is known though, sadly. But as is the case with all things Apple: it is doubtful everyone one will be hearing a lot more about the iPhone 7s very soon, despite the fact its arrival is over a year away. Not that anybody need anymore excitement when it comes to Apple's current roadmap — 2016 is the busiest we’ve ever seen the company. Just last month it broke tradition and release an iPhone in the first half of the year.

The iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone Apple has ever produced. But that doesn’t mean its a slouch; nope, the phone itself is essentially the same as the iPhone 6s with respect to imaging and specs. The only difference is RAM, design and the price of the handset. Apple was keen to make sure everybody knew the iPhone SE WAS NOT a budget phone. No, this phone is there to show Apple’s customers that it is listening to their suggestions.

But all is not as rosy at it seems, according to certain reports about Apple's iPhone sales in 2016, leading many to ask: is Apple’s iPhone 6s struggling? Perhaps — chip orders are very low compared to this time last year, claims DigiTimes, despite the company having new hardware in the form of the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 available on market.

"Overall chip orders placed by Apple for the second quarter will only be slightly higher than those for the first quarter, despite the upcoming availability of its 4-inch iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro devices," said the report.

Furthermore, the same sources said chip-orders for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have basically halved compared to last year. And this shortfall will be just too big for the iPhone SE which analysts expect to see sell in excess of 4-5 million units.

The arrival of the iPhone 7, however, will almost certainly bring things back in-line with what everyone come to expect from Apple. Even more so if there turns out to be THREE iPhone 7 models.

"KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a research note that predicts two 5.5-inch versions of the "iPhone 7 Plus" are in development, one with a single iSight rear-facing camera and another boasting a dual-camera design," said MacRumors. "The rumored iPhone 7 Plus model with a dual-lens camera system would take advantage of imaging algorithms that Apple acquired through its purchase of Israeli camera technology company LinX Imaging last year."

This will make 2016 Apple’s busiest year for a very long time. Never before has the company launched so much hardware in such as short space of time. Even just a few years ago the idea of a dual-iPhone launch seemed bizarre — and now the market is looking at three.


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