The iPhone SE Is An Upgraded Version of Apple 6s

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iPhone SE Launched
Almost every tech blogger and smartphone enthusiast has now seen the new Apple iPhone at the 2016 Keynote in Cupertino last 21 March, and it’s smaller than everyone expected. The four-inch iPhone SE (pronounced “essee”) is the same size as the 5s, but it's an upgrade.

The latest iPhone variant is aimed at customers who have not yet upgraded to the bigger iPhone 6 models, but would like to have a phone that runs the new iOS 9.4 and has the fastest processor available. So the iPhone SE is basically a four-inch shrunken down Apple 6s.

At the product launch event, Apple VP Greg Joswiak made a case for the new phone. "Some people just like smaller phones," he said. Like the iPhone 6, the iPhone SE can also capture live photos, and features the warm two-tone flash on a 12K megapixel camera.

And the best part? The iPhone SE will be a more affordable version of the bigger phone, which retails for US$ 399 for the 16GB phone (around US$ 150 less than the 6s) and US$ 499 for the 64GB phone — or US$ 17/month for installment plans. And nobody has to wait forever to get their hands on one. It's available for pre-order on 24 March and will ship on 31 March.

Apple also unveiled a smaller model of the iPad Pro, and they knocked US$ 50 off the Apple Watch, which will go for US$ 299, down from US$ 349.


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