OLED Display for Apple iPhone 8?

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OLED Display in iPhone 8
In the telecommunication industry, there is an age-old strategy employed by phone manufacturers to stay ahead of the game and this involves multiple iterations of flagship smartphones well in advance.

The strategy can also be found in Apple's strategic plan, which is not surprising considering that they have already a vision of what they will do with iPhone 8 as far ahead as 2018.

Just as the rumor mill is obsessing over the intricacies of the iPhone 6s and/or iPhone 7, reports began circulating as early as 24 June 2015 which focus on a newly discovered Apple patent for a flexible and/or curved OLED display. Apple has an established history in securing patents on designs it never follows up on, but according to the rumor mill, specifically an "industry source" speaking to Business Korea, this time around Apple is "serious" about switching to OLED.

The source went on to claim that there is a huge potential market for a curved display iPhone. This point wasn't elaborated upon much, but anybody can only assume it's a reference to the increasing popularity of curved display phones such a the LG G Flex, LG G4, and Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE, particularly in the Asian market, where the iPhone brand itself is also seeing a huge upsurge in interest with consumers.

Plans are now afoot, however, to bring an OLED iPhone to market way before the proposed 2018 date, according to Chinese news agency Nikkei. This would mean Apple’s iPhone 7s would be the first iPhone with an OLED panel inside it - and not the iPhone 8, as previously reported.

Apple is said to be in talks with Samsung and LG about getting production ready for outfitting next year’s iPhone 7s with an OLED panel. According to reports the deal could bag one of the Android phone makers US$ 12 billion. Whether or not either company can accommodate such a huge load remains to be seen; Apple shifts A LOT of iPhones, after all.

"While it has been reported in the past that Apple would pair the launch of an iPhone with an OLED display with redesigned curved build, that may not happen," reports Apple Insider.

Apple generally only changes the design of its devices every other year, meaning that if the iPhone 7 is released this year, the market will see a largely similar iPhone 7s next year with an unchanged design. To make up for the lack of design change, Apple often changes the components of the device, which in this case could perhaps include the display technology.

The idea of Apple switching to AMOLED panels in 2017/18 has gained more traction of late with even more sources chiming in with tales of the company cutting deals with Samsung for its iPhone 8 in 2018. LG and Samsung are investing heavily in their AMOLED production facilities for this very reason — Apple using the display tech will create a HUGE demand for the panels and a nice ROI for the two Korean companies.


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