Should You Buy This Apple Product?

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Apple Watch
In the last decade, Apple has firmly established its reputation as the foremost maker of some of the tech world's favorite gadgets. The iPhone is the most well-known smartphone on the market, the iPad is almost universally recognized by children who use them at home or in the classroom, and the Mac is the first choice of creative professionals of all stripes. But for every winning Apple product, there is one that many think is not quite worth the premium price tag.

When you're in the market for a new gadget, whether it's a phone, a wearable, or a piece of tech to be used around your home, it's important to weigh the price that you’re paying against the value that you’re getting. While some people will pay just about any price to get the latest from Apple this is not highly recommended. In fact, there is one Apple devices that a few analysts recommend steering clear of — especially as Apple works out the issues inherent in the first generation of a new product: Apple Watch.

It was exciting to see Apple unveil its first smartwatch, and even more exciting to see its capabilities evolve as app developers got on board and Apple gave them access to more of the device's functions. But unless you have funds to spare for a device that probably won’t be all that useful to you, the Apple Watch is a gadget you should probably pass up for now.

This fall, developers gained the ability to build native apps for the watch, but many of the apps that are available for the device right now still depend on the iPhone. (The updates Apple made to its Apple Watch software means that while you still have to have an iPhone to set up and use an Apple Watch, you'll be able to run apps on the Apple Watch itself instead of on a paired iPhone.) Neither Apple nor the developers who are building for the Apple Watch have yet figured out a killer app for the device, and that shows in the selection of useful-but-not-particularly-compelling apps available for the watch so far.

Also on the list of smartwatch functions that Apple hasn’t quite figured out yet? This involves the problem of battery life.

The Apple Watch can typically last through just a day before recharging, which makes it impossible to use the watch throughout the day and then rely on it to track your sleep at night or wake you up in the morning.

There are also plenty of other smartwatches available for purchase at much lower prices, and the price of the Apple Watch doesn't seem worth it when you consider that the technology will be outdated when Apple introduces the next generation of the wearable — which could happen as early as 2016 if current rumors prove correct.


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