iOS 9.1 Update Shutting Down Alarms

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iOS 9.1
Apple made sure that iOS 9.1 is here and in record breaking time. The latest operating system promises to be the solution to numerous bugs in iOS 9.0.2 (ironically itself a dedicated bug fix update) and its release notes go so far as acknowledging a significant number by name. So is iOS 9.1 everything it is cracked up to be?

One of the important things iOS 9.1 tried to address is that it closes the recently released iOS 9 PanGu jailbreak. PanGu had only just posted its first public iOS 9 jailbreak for a few days after significant beta testing found iOS 9 to be a tough nut to crack.

However, it looks like Apple's convenient overnight update feature is causing more problems than the benefits it offered.

AppleInsider reports that a bug in iOS 9.1 shuts off their alarms while users were sleeping. As a result, users who needed to get up in the morning found themselves still in bed and late for their morning engagements.

Others have also taken to Twitter and elsewhere to express their frustration that alarms were disabled as part of the iOS overnight update process. The iOS 9.0.1 update issued last month did fix some issues associated with alarms, but did not address the overnight update bug that remains in iOS 9.1.

Apple has not yet officially responded to the issue, but for now users can be content to know that the problem only comes with the update and alarms will work just fine as soon as 9.1 is installed.

Hopefully subsequent updates won't have the problem. Still, this isn't at all the first time iOS has had alarm-related issues. Back in 2010, a Daylight Savings Time (DST) issue caused alarms to malfunction. More recently, iOS 9.0.1 was released in part to patch a bug that prevented alarms from going off.


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