Release Date of Smaller iPhone 6c Revealed

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iPhone 6C Expected Launch
After it was reported early this year that that Apple would have three new iPhone versions in stores in 2015, nobody heard about this story again. It was even raised in the other article that a smaller would seem to make sense for Apple because it fits with the ethos of their late CEO Steve Jobs.

Subsequent reports only adds further confusion with some arguing that Apple had canceled the smallest model in its iPhone 6s family – thus far referred to as the iPhone 6c – while others said the phone might still be on track for release at a later point.

The latest word is that Apple is seriously considering the smaller handset, but it won't be anytime this year. Plans of the company revealed that the new 4-inch iPhone will be launch next year. There were already discussions on what the handset will feature and what it can promise to users.

According to chatter from the semiconductor industry, Apple is looking to equip the iPhone 5c successor with FinFET chips, Digitimes says.

Mass-produced by Samsung and TSMC, the chips will be built on 14/16nm process technology, which means they should be even more energy-efficient and powerful than their predecessor. Sources said that Apple's original plan was to use 20nm chips in the iPhone 6c, but FinFET processor architecture would enable a "specs upgrade and lower power consumption."

The drawback seems to be that Apple won't launch the 4-inch iPhone 6c until some point in the second-quarter of 2016, a rather unusual release window for new iPhones. The tech site does not actually explain why Apple would delay the iPhone 6c launch, but it would mean that Apple has not two but three redesigned iPhones in store in 2016.

Digitimes also says that TSMC and Samsung have already started mass-producing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus chips, which should be built on 14/16nm FinFET tech as well.


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