More iPhone 6s Rumor and Possible Features

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iPhone 6s Features
September may still be months away, but everyone who follows Apple iPhone releases are already starting the countdown. One indicator that approximately estimate the intense anticipation for the new smartphone variant is the rate by which rumors are flying in thick and fast.

Everything leaked so far suggests that the iPhone 6s will be an incremental upgrade with one or two (or five) show-stoppers thrown-in to excite the public. But which among the rumored features gets the most attention?

Camera Upgrade
The camera war between Apple and its biggest competitor continues. Samsung is trying to jostle Apple out from the pole-position continuously and trying to dislodge each other from the top spot with every new release. They may also be aware that a third contender is slowly creeping behind the leaders – LG.

The Galaxy S6’s camera pipped the iPhone 6 to top spot, but the latest iPhone 6s rumor points towards a pixel upgrade to 12MP. Not much else is known about aperture or sensor used, but the increased pixel count means that it’s possible to shoot 4k video (with the latest rumor suggesting an the ability to shoot 240 fps slow-motion footage).

Apple’s expertise in the camera department often sets the standards, so expect a clever take on 4K videography.

Force Touch
Perhaps the biggest feature in the upcoming flagship is the introduction of Apple’s Force Touch technology. It works by triggering different actions depending on how hard the user press down on the phone’s display. This not only means a whole new way to interact with the handset, it also means that users have ways of controlling their devices.

iOS 9
Everyone already know what to expect from iOS 9, but there is a good chance that Apple saved some iPhone 6s specific (Force Touch and 4K recording?) features for the official announcement.

So what joy will iOS 9 and an iPhone 6s bring? Most notable, perhaps, are features like 'proactive assistant', which is Apple’s attempt at a Google Now-style service. Proactive assistant works across pre-existing services like Siri and Spotlight and acts as a very useful nagger.

It will read the user’s daily patterns and tailor their iOS 9 experience. For example, suggesting apps based on phone-use and music to listen to based on the user’s activity. This sort of intelligent assistant technology is fast becoming the norm, with HTC launching a similar service with the HTC One M9, and Qualcomm upcoming Zeroth project.

Two other big improvements – and perhaps the most relevant to every future user – is smaller OS updates (Apple says iOS 9 will require 1.3GB of storage space) and general optimization. But Apple’s boasting an extra hour of screen time with iOS 9 and 3 additional hours of battery life in power-saving mode. This is largely due to Apple packing its main office with a fleet of new employees solely focused on improving battery life.

A9 Chip and Extra RAM
The first iPhone to use 2GB of RAM and the rumored A9 processor should both speed-up and optimize processes, making it more efficient and less power hungry. The long-awaited jump up to 2Gb of RAM should also improve multi-tasking. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as it stands are extremely quick devices, so building on that should yield impressive results. Some rumors are even suggesting that the new chip will be smaller in size and therefore leave more space for a bigger battery.

Stronger Case
The ever leaking Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities suggested last June that the next iPhone will use a stronger aluminium to prevent bending and breaking. Apple claims that it is 60 percent stronger than most aluminum and is one-third the density of stainless steel, so hopefully the iPhone 6S won’t crumple around the finger tip as the user try to make use of Force Touch.


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